Well, it's all over with. The Silicon Valley Bike Advocacy Summit has come and gone. It was a pretty crazy ride for me over the last two or three months. It was the first time I had planned an event, and I had more questions than answers. Were people going to show up? Were the speakers going to confirm? What should the topics be? How big does the room need to be? Where will we get extra laptops? WHAT ABOUT FOOD? IS IT ALL GOING TO FALL APART? WHEN WILL THIS TERROR END???

So, it seems I'm not exactly a “natural” when it comes to this type of thing. Corinne pointed out that it seems I get “stressed out from uncertainty,” which I thought was more or less a universal and defining human characteristic. But I digress…

The Summit went great! People showed up, the speakers were great, the food was awesome, and nothing caught fire. Nobody even told me it was a waste of their time! For that, I thank the speakers for coming armed with valuable information and thoughtful responses to the crowd's questions.

I'll have more on the Summit soon. I still need to check in with all the speakers and try to get many of their presentations posted online – more on that when I get permission from everybody. In the meanwhile, if you took pictures at either day of the event, please send 'em my way! One of the many things on SVBC's wish list is a digital camera – all we had was my phone, which is not ideal. Help us keep this site pretty by sending your finest photos to colin@bikesiliconvalley.org.

Also, tell me what you thought in the comments below. What did you get out of the Summit? Which panels did you see? What would you like to see more or less of? Did you opt for a chicken or veggie burrito? Chances are, we're going to do this thing again, and your feedback will make it a better event.