While participating at the Children's Discovery Museum's Biking in the City event last week, I got flashbacks of when I first acquired my first bicycle. It was a green Ninja Turtles bike with black training wheels. I remember the joy and freedom I experienced while riding on the sidewalks, in my back yard and at the park. As I grew out of it, I always shopped around for new bikes wondering if they still made Ninja Turtles bicycles in my size.

Another aspect of the event I enjoyed was the mini bike rodeo taking place outside of the museum. Kids would maneuver around the mini marked streets, stop signs, lights, schools, fire departments, and pedestrians. Bike traffic skills are important at every stage of our lives, and it’s great to see how parents and children are invested in bicycle safety. If you need a little refresher on bike safety, check out our Share the Road page.

And now, think back. What was your first or favorite childhood bicycle?