Well, I'm the “back office” person at SVBC, and also the “late-in-life rider.” I haven't been riding a lot, due to the weather and short days, and also it's not so easy to get from my home to the new office. It used to be a nice ride down the Los Gatos Creek Trail for a few miles, and thence down Willow in the bike lane (which is really nice now that they finally paved the road, which had to be the worst!) So, they paved; the office moved.

Not that I'm sorry. Our office space here is so much nicer. To economize a couple of years ago, (we saw the recession looming!) SVBC rented one room in a house to use as an office. The idea was that employees would work out of their homes, and we would just hold staff meetings once a week. But it turned out that everyone wanted to work together, and kept coming into the office! We were spilling over into the living and dining room. It's partly a function of our work; there is a lot of collaboration going on, so it's convenient to be in proximity. But also because we are a good group of people and like to be around each other.

But back to the bicycling. I'm working with it. I can still do several miles on the Los Gatos Creek Trail, until it starts heading east, and I have to get off at Bascom. Bascom is not so fun. There is a bike line part of the way, but it eventually ends, and I am either on the sidewalk, which is a rough ride, or on the street with a lot of traffic. North of San Carlos, I can go on neighborhood streets, so that is more pleasant.

Now that the days are longer, I will be bicycling to work more. There are some tough places on the way home when it's dark.