Caltrain’s new electrified fleet will be rolling out for service in 2022. SVBC has been working with Caltrain on the design of their new train cars for years to ensure that the design continues to be as bike friendly as possible. Unfortunately, the staff recommendation for two bike cars on seven car trains raises serious concerns around bike security onboard.

We need your support to ensure the Caltrain Board hears our concerns before they make their final decision at the meeting next Thursday, June 6. Our overwhelming concern with the staff recommendation is that it only provides seven seats per 36 bike spaces on each bike car. We’ve heard from our members that there are real fears of bike theft onboard and that seven seats in bike cars are not enough for people to feel secure.

That’s why we need you to write to the Caltrain Board to remind them of their commitment to their riders by asking for the following:

  • Urge the approval of three or more bike cars to provide adequate seating in view of bike spaces
  • Direct staff to develop robust implementation strategies for increasing security of bikes onboard, building secure bike parking at stations, and rapidly growing bike and scooter share at all stations

SVBC supports at least 20% of people using a bike to access Caltrain, and that requires a strategy for on and off board bike capacity and storage. We are so grateful that Caltrain is taking this seriously by investing $3.5 million toward station bike parking and hiring a Principal Planner to work on these issues. We encourage the Board to seek tangible implementation of the bike parking plans and bike/scooter share before electrification occurs.

This decision will affect Caltrain passengers for decades to come, so let’s make sure Caltrain continues to be a bike-friendly system into the future.

  1. Email Caltrain Board and copy Emma@bikesiliconvalley.orgto share why on and off board bike security and seats in view of bikes are important to you and your commute.
  2. Come speak at the meeting: Thursday, June 6, 10 am. SamTrans Administrative Offices, 1250 San Carlos Ave., San Carlos