This week we spotlight SVBC member Roy Leonard, of San Jose Bike Party! Read on to hear his story of how he got involved in the bicycling community.

  1. How did you get introduced to Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition?
    Through San Jose Bike Party I met some great volunteers that introduced me to Silicon Valley Bike Coalition.
  2. What kind of activities and trips do you use your bicycle for?
    I’m privileged to take the Guadalupe River Trail as a Daily commute.  But I get the most enjoyment out of riding with some fantastic friends and exploring San Jose.
  3. Among your friends and people you know who don’t ride a bike, what do you think would help encourage them to get out there?
    Joining enthusiastic experienced riders who can demonstrate the joy of cycling and how to explore the city in a safe and confident manner.
  4. What do you think needs to be done to achieve 10% of trips taken by bike by 2025 in Silicon Valley?
    Continuing the path towards a total Bike Network that enables safe trips all over the county.  Also having friends that love to explore areas on a bike and are willing to share their enthusiasm with others.
  5. Share with us what a dream day on your bike looks like.
    Hanging with friends, some good music, getting some “Miles for Smiles”.
  6. What would you say to someone considering becoming a member of SVBC? And why do you support SVBC?
    SVBC is the leading organization in the South Bay area that advocates for Vision Zero and a better biking infrastructure.  Though SVBC, we’ll get the enjoyable bike environment that we want and deserve.

-Roy Leonard, Member of San Jose Bike Party & Silicon Valley Bike Coalition.