Some companies are simply good neighbors. First our members worked extensively with Facebook to get some bike infrastructure funding flowing from them to Menlo Park and East Palo Alto. Now Google has jumped in with some ideas on how they can help out the community.

Google's developers for their campus expansion originally contacted me last fall to get our input on the Stevens Creek Crossings Project (the EIR is now out —…). They plan to build on the opposite side of the creek from their current campus in the area adjacent to NASA.

In an effort to hear from the public directly, Google has partnered with us to host a public meeting on March 7th to discuss the Stevens Creek Crossings project. Even more exciting–they will also be gathering input on what types of infrastructure projects people would like to see funded in the area. There are no promises yet–but it's great that they are listening to the community and interested in enhancing bikability on the Bay Trail and on streets near their campus.