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Regional Measure 3

Senate Bill 595 (see below) will authorize a special election to increase bridge tolls that are under the jurisdiction of the Bay Area Toll Authority, bringing in much-needed revenue for our region’s transportation infrastructure. Regional Measure 3 would increase the bridge tolls from $1-3, bringing in billions of dollars to fund smart, sustainable transportation projects with a clear bridge nexus that increase regional prosperity and mobility. Along with the other Bay Area bike coalitions, we are supporting SB 595 and Regional Measure 3 and are asking $500 million of the toll revenues be spent on San Francisco Bay Trail/Safe Routes to Transit Bicycle and Pedestrian
Connections. Read more in our letter.

Highway 101

As San Mateo County considers options for reducing congestion on Highway 101, we stand with other non-profits to recommend converting an existing lane in each direction on Highway 101 in San Mateo County into a FAST express lane and to use the proceeds to fund other transportation options. Express lanes, also known as High Occupancy Toll (HOT) lanes, allow carpools, buses, and other high-occupancy vehicles in for free and give solo drivers the option to pay into the lane with a toll that varies based on demand to ensure the lane flows freely. While still allowing toll-paying solo drivers, FAST lanes channel revenues from tolls, as well as other funding sources, to space-efficient transportation options — express buses, shuttles, vanpools, carpools, active transportation, and more — and provide incentives to use them. We are encouraging something like an example from Los Angeles Metro, in which 40% of net tolls went toward funding active transportation projects, such as bike infrastructure and first/last mile connections to transit (see page 8 and 12 of this presentation). Read more in our coalition letter.




See previously supported state legislation here.

Bill Number
Bill Name
SVBC Support Info

Metropolitan Transportation Commission: toll bridge revenues

The bill would require nine counties in the San Francisco Bay area to conduct a special election on a proposed unspecified increase in the amount of the toll rate charged on the state-owned toll bridges in that area to be used for unspecified projects and programs.



Bicycles: yielding

This bill would authorize a person biking to treat a stop sign like a yield sign, giving right of way to other traffic at an intersection before proceeding safely through, but without the requirement to come to a full stop.



Vehicles: automated speed enforcement: five-year pilot program

The Safe Streets Act of 2017 would create a pilot speed safety camera program in San Jose and San Francisco, which would contribute to Vision Zero goals.




See previously supported federal legislation here. Stay tuned for more information on future legislation.