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Pipeline Organizers Coordinate with Cycling Clubs for Safety

Pipeline Organizers Coordinate with Cycling Clubs for Safety

This post was contributed by former SVBC Board Member Ted Huang and Roadway Safety Solutions Team co-leader Cindy Welton. We just want to share a positive community / bicycle collaboration that really epitomizes “Give a Little”, a local initiative, and the power of being connected and pro-active. The Town of Portola Valley, where thousands of people bike through on any given day of the week, is undergoing a lengthy and extensive pipeline project along the Portola Rd. corridor between Sand Hill and Alpine Road. The Civil Engineer working on the project emailed a one-pager on the project to Cindy Welton, leader of the Roadway Safety Solutions Team asking her to distribute it to her network of cycling team leaders. The Preston Pipelines safety manager, “Bill,” followed up with a call to express concern for keeping cyclists safe during the project. Bill wanted to learn more about what to expect and how to best handle the large group that rides through the corridor around noon. Cindy connected Bill to Ted for advice. The Safety Manager wanted to figure out exactly what time the ride would come through so he could have his flagging crew stop traffic to allow the ride through unimpeded. Bill even had visions of someone from the ride figuring some way to call him when the group reached the corner of Alpine and Portola so that they’d know more exactly how long it would take for the group to reach their work area. Ted told him that wasn’t feasible. While trying to keep the group moving is commendable, he told Bill that having the ride stop, especially...
Advancing Vision Zero

Advancing Vision Zero

As many know, SVBC and California Walks debuted our Vision Zero Toolkit at the Silicon Valley Bike Summit in August. Since then, we’ve been spreading the good word to various city councils, Bike and Pedestrian Committees (BPACs), and other important groups. See below for a rundown of the presentations we’ve done so far. Next Wednesday, December 2 we are excited to present with California Walks on Vision Zero and safety on El Camino Real at the Grand Boulevard Initiative Task Force, a body of elected officials from all the jurisdictions that include El Camino Real. This is important because in Santa Clara County, El Camino Real is only 0.5% of streets yet has 6% of bicycle collisions; in San Mateo County, El Camino Real is only 1% of streets and has 13.8% of bicycle collisions. People are using El Camino Real to bike to work, school, shopping, and other destinations, and it needs to be safe for them. We are looking forward to a robust conversation about street safety with the leaders on the Task Force. Upcoming presentations of the Vision Zero Toolkit: December 2: Grand Boulevard Initiative Task Force January 19, 2016: Morgan Hill Parks and Recreation Commission February 18, 2016: Leadership Palo Alto TBD: South San Francisco Planning Commission and BPAC, Mountain View BPAC, and Cupertino Bike Commission Past presentations: May 3: Silicon Valley Bikes! Festival July 27: Grand Boulevard Initiative Working Committee August 20: Sunnyvale BPAC September 9: Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) BPAC September 21: Grand Boulevard Initiative Community Leaders Roundtable October 14: SPUR panel in San Jose October 22: San Mateo County’s City and County...
Holly St. and Highway 101 update

Holly St. and Highway 101 update

Freeway crossings are one of the biggest barriers to biking and walking and discourage people from biking for transportation. As highway interchanges are updated, they should include safe and comfortable facilities for all roadway users, for all ages and abilities, which is the definition of Complete Streets. The Holly Street overcrossing of Highway 101 in San Carlos currently has a narrow sidewalk on one side, some fading sharrows, and shoulders adjacent to 4-6 lanes of fast-moving traffic entering and exiting the freeway. Even the most experienced bicycle riders are intimidated by this interchange, with good reason.

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