Free Intro to Urban Bicycling Workshops

Sign-up for a Free Urban Bicycling Workshop!

Sign-up for a Free Urban Bicycling Workshop!

Has it been a long time since you’ve ridden a bike or are you simply looking for a refresher? Come learn the basics of bicycling at our Urban Bicycling Workshops. The course is a one-hour presentation covering many of the basics: the rules of the road, safety tips, and especially for Bay Area Bike Share riders, Bike Share 101. This class is funded in part by Bay Area Bike Share, however it is open to members and non-members alike! No membership is necessary. Please contact Ashley Hernandez at with any questions.

Upcoming Classes:

July 1st Mountain View RSVP
July 10th Redwood City RSVP
July 15th San Jose RSVP
July 17th Mountain View RSVP
July 29th Mountain View RSVP
July 31st Redwood City RSVP
Aug 5th San Jose RSVP
Aug 7th San Jose State RSVP

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