April 11, 2013 Palo Alto Team meeting agenda

Where: Palo Alto Pizza, 2450 Park Blvd, Palo Alto
When: Thursday, April 11 at 6:00 pm

6:00 pm – Social Half Hour – eat, drink, chat
6:30 pm – Introductions
6:35 pm – Changes/Additions to Agenda
6:40 pm – SVBC staff report – Colin Heyne
6:50 pm – PABAC member report – David Coale?

7:00 pm – Bike/Ped Plan Implementation – Andrew Boone
– summary of what's been achieved since plan adoption in July 2012
– keep track of project implementation – with a Google Doc?
– how to move forward with small projects in addition to big projects
– current status of funding for projects – what's funded? what's in the CIP?

7:30 pm – Downtown Parking – Adina Levin
– update on recent city council meeting
– next step: event with presentation on parking solutions
– outreach to Professorville residents

8:00 pm – Bike to Work Day – what can we do to make this awesome?
– ideas to outreach at Energizer Station?
– conduct bike counts?
– bike tours with city council members & staff?

8:20 pm – Recruit more participants and leaders – how?

8:30 pm – Transportation survey: http://www.cityofpaloalto.org/news/displaynews.asp?NewsID=2194&TargetID=268
– Fill it out. Tell your friends.

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