Stanford Bike Parking on its way!

Jen Brecheen and I, along with SVBC members Jim Manitakos and Rob Robinson, met with Stanford Athletic Department staff to review the plans for our annual bike parking at the Stanford football games. SVBC has been a fixture at the Stanford games for many years, going back to the 1990’s. Longtime volunteer Jim is leading the bike parking again this year, with assistance from seasoned volunteer Rob, and our many volunteers.

The first game is August 31 against San Jose. Consider volunteering at this or subsequent games. Volunteers get a chance to see part of the game, a free lunch, and are entered in drawings for prizes. And, you are helping to promote bike culture. To volunteer, email Jim at See the full schedule at…

There will be at least three bike corrals, all of which are manned by SVBC volunteers A couple of pictures to get you in the mood: The bike racks are at the corral just outside Gate 6. Fencing will be added before the season starts. Another corral is on MacDonald Drive, near Gate 2. Racks and fencing will appear in the next couple of weeks.

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