Bike the halls

If you missed the Annual Winter Party last week, you're probably kicking yourself right about now after hearing how great it was. Allow me to deepen that regret with a quick photo recap of a really fun night!

About 90 people showed up for the getdown at Palo Alto Bicycles. The valet bike parking was well used, and everybody that rode to the party spent a bit of time out in the corral, comparing bikes, lights, and other accessories.

Everything is illuminated at the bike corral.

Inside, a magical bicycle wonderland awaited. Seriously – is there a prettier bike shop in which to throw a party?

Party time.

Food was eaten, drinks were had, and some lucky folks made off with a bunch of VERY reasonably priced auction items: two bikes, three helmets, various pumps and lights and such, and a partridge in a pear tree. Thanks to everyone who dished out some cash to support their favorite South Bay/Peninsula bicycle coalition!

Giddy up for a good cause.

Then came the point in the evening when we regrettably have to take everyone's attention away from merry-making and say a few words. It was for a good cause – our Executive Director, Corinne, shared some of our recent accomplishments with the crowd and invited those in attendance to share projects in their areas that they thought deserved mention. Then, with the help of Ellen Fletcher, the Grand Poobah of Palo Alto pedalry, we thanked our amazingly hard-working and determined Stanford bike parking volunteers. To finish off the presentation, we had the pleasure of welcoming Palo Alto Mayor Sid Espinoza, a politician who thankfully understands and embraces bike advocacy and supports SVBC whenever he can.

Mayor Sid Espinoza reminds the crowd whose house they're in.

All in all, it was a fun night of cycle revelry. Our thanks to Blue Two Jazz Duo for providing the tunes and keeping everyone swaying through the night.

The Blue Twos.

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