Bicycle Valet Parking

Valet Bicycle Parking is one of many ways that SVBC encourages people to bike to public events. We provide valet bike parking at Stanford Home Football games, major bicycle races, as well as many other civic festivals and events. We are expanding our valet parking services and would love to provide this invaluable service at your event

If you would like to feature Valet Bicycle Parking at your event, please see our cover sheet (pdf), Bike Parking Requirements (pdf), and our Bike Parking Request Form (pdf).

Bicycle Parking

Valet bike parking is like a coat check for bicycles

Cyclists are issued tickets in exchange for their bikes and our staff guards them in a secure enclosure. Over the years we have parked tens of thousands of bikes and have an excellent safety record.

Give event attendees peace of mind

People don’t ride to events where they have to worry about their bikes being stolen or vandalized. A bike parking service ensures that even small bicycle accessories and lights will be safe. Cyclists appreciate the peace of mind of knowing that their bicycle is being guarded by an organization they trust.

Encourage safe cycling

Our valet staff are able to spot safety issues with bicycles that are checked in and either correct them or alert the owner. We can also advise event attendees on routes and other useful information for their next trip.

Bike Valet keeps it clean

Keeping bikes in a single or small number of parking corrals is a great way to maintain an orderly presence at your event.

Reduce traffic congestion

Encouraging more people to bike to your event is a great way to reduce the traffic congestion that comes with big groups of people and large parking lots. Providing and promoting bike parking is a fantastic way to significantly reduce the number of cars coming in to your event.

Get more people at your event

Many people will pass on an event if they know that parking will be a hassle. A secure bike parking solution will get more people to your event. Bike parkers can offer a smile and information to attendees as they show up at your event and are trying to figure out where to go.

Have the professionals handle your parking needs

SVBC has been parking bikes at big events for years and we know how to handle all of the details of the service. Save your staff the hassle of dealing with it by hiring us to do it instead. SVBC carries $1 million in liability insurance and can list you as additionally insured. Our prices are typically equivalent to what it would cost you to hire staff for the service. Certain events and organizations may qualify for special rates.

SVBC has provided bike parking at:

  • Stanford home football games
  • Amgen Tour of California Bicycle Race San Jose Finish Line
  • San Jose Blues Festival
  • Numerous Civic Art and Wine Festivals
  • Cat’s Hill Criterium Race
  • Moffett Field Airshows
  • Grand Openings for stores including REI, Mountain View

If you would like to feature Valet Bicycle Parking at your event, please see our cover sheet (pdf), Bike Parking Requirements (pdf), and our Bike Parking Request Form (pdf)

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering to park bikes is a ton of fun! Sign up with some friends and make a date of it. Cyclists arriving at the event are always happy to see you and fun to talk to. Check out volunteer opportunities on our volunteer page.