SVBC Policy Advisory Committee

The Policy Advisory Committee is comprised of four SVBC Board members and four SVBC members and representatives from our Local Teams who are appointed for a yearly term. The group discusses local biking policy issues of interest to SVBC and advises the SVBC Board and staff on positions. SVBC advocacy staff lead the meeting.

Meetings are open to current SVBC members and are generally held the fourth Tuesday of the month. See our calendar for more information.

Read the SVBC Policy Advisory Committee Charter.

Recent News

SVBC launches two new local teams in May

SVBC launches two new local teams! SVBC kicked off two new local teams this month! One in the City of Santa Clara and another in Sunnyvale.  We are now supporting seven local teams. If you would like to get involved in bicycle advocacy locally, consider attending...

Let’s Make El Camino Real Safer for Everyone

Image: A pop-up protected bike lane on El Camino Real in Redwood City from 2018. Our hearts are heavy with the news or three recent traffic collisions on El Camino Real in April and May and our best wishes are with the friends and family of the people involved. Right...

Increasing Biking with Caltrain

We all want the same thing: more trains and more people biking, so it was great to explore options with staff, Board members, and community at the Caltrain workshop last week. The first half of the workshop focused on barriers and opportunities for people to park their bike and/or use bike and scooter share at the stations and the second half of the workshop considered ideas for redesigning two bike cars and redesigning three cars to include bikes.

What is it like to serve on a City BPAC?

There are many ways to advocate for better cycling in your community. You can talk to city council members, rally neighbors and friends, submit letters to newspapers, share issues on Facebook and or Nextdoor... there are many advocacy options. SVBC provides...

Which Bike Projects Go First

Every city always has a lot of bike projects on their radar, some urgent, some expensive, some with political or community pressure. However, the resources to execute on those projects are generally limited, making prioritization very critical. SVBC is researching to learn more about bike plan project prioritization, tools, and criteria used. This blog is the initial findings of our on-going survey.

Caltrain Staffs Up and Upcoming Bike Car Design Workshop

SVBC has been working with Caltrain to address your top three concerns: space for bikes, theft, and last mile connetions. Recently, Caltrain has started the bikes board first program and made headway with new bike parking. Read more details and attend a workshop April 17 on future car design.

Make Bicycling Safer – Comment on Santa Clara Bike Plan

The City of Santa Clara Bicycle Master Plan Update 2018 is ready for input.  Everyone who bikes through or to Santa Clara should take a look and plan to comment. The public comment window closes on March 15th. SVBC encourages all our members to look at the plan and...

Planned Bike Lanes on El Camino Real in Redwood City Need Love

Give snaps to Redwood City for completing the Bike & Pedestrian Safety Improvement Study for El Camino Real. Staff will be presenting the conceptual designs and final report to the City Council on February 25, 2019. If you support protected bike lanes on El Camino Real in Redwood City, please attend the meeting or email Council to express your love for this project.

New Dumbarton Corridor Phase Kicks Off

There is now a new phase of the Dumbarton Corridor planning process and we need your help to support healthy and active transportation options for all people along the corridor, starting at meetings next week in Redwood City and Menlo Park.