Share the Road

Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition’s Share the Road program is an initiative to educate cyclists and motorists, to encourage safe roadway behavior, and promote safe travel spaces for all road users.

SVBC has been active in providing awareness and education in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties. Thus far, the Share the Road initiative includes a presentation to enhance motorist and cyclist understanding of relevant safety issues, an educational pamphlet, and tracking data pertaining to incidents involving cyclists on our roadways.

Take the Bike Safety Pledge

I hereby pledge that I have read and will follow the rules of the road in the California Vehicle Code, and take responsibility for my personal safety by wearing a bicycle helmet for every ride, even short trips. I pledge to share the road with other road users and model exemplary bicycling behavior. My individual efforts can contribute to a safer cycling environment and the well-being and security of everyone on our shared roadways.