SVBC hired its first staff member in 2005 and has quickly grown. Today, ten staff members work with our members and volunteers to increase bicycling in our area.

Shiloh Ballard (

Executive Director

Shiloh Ballard comes to the Bike Coalition after over 14 years at the Silicon Valley Leadership Group as Senior Vice President of Housing and Community Development. In her role with the Leadership Group, Shiloh helped direct the organization’s housing, transportation and land use policy portfolio working with industry, civic, and community leaders to develop innovative solutions to the region’s growth challenges. She was at the center of several significant policy wins including the adoption of uniform green building policies in Santa Clara County, the passage of strong affordable housing policies in Silicon Valley Cities, and the passage of the State’s last affordable housing bond, Proposition 1C. She was recognized by the Silicon Valley Business Journal as a 2010 “40 under 40” as well as a YWCA “Woman in Leadership” in 2012. Most recently, she was awarded the 2015 Housing Hero by the leading Statewide Housing organization, California Housing Consortium.

Shiloh is a proud slug, having earned a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies from UC Santa Cruz. She previously worked for the State Senate and the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition and currently serves on the board of the Santa Clara County Chapter of the League of Conservation Voters; the Housing Trust, Silicon Valley; and a new organization that she helped to found, SV@Home. A glutton for punishment, Shiloh is also an appointed member of the San José Planning Commission.

In her spare time, Shiloh enjoys reading, cooking, growing vegetables and mountain biking. She lives with her long-time partner, Dan King, and their cat Gracie.

Lyndsey Marks (

Development Director

Lyndsey Marks joined SVBC as Development Director in March 2014, just in time to gear up for Bike to Work Day. As an avid runner and triathlete, she was inspired by SVBC’s mission to improve conditions for bicyclists of all ages and skill levels. She was born in England and moved to the U.S. as a child. Lyndsey grew up in sunny California, has also lived in New York and Australia, and has a passion for travel. She received her Bachelor’s from UC Santa Barbara, double majoring in Philosophy and Sociology. She then went on to earn a Master’s degree from New York University in Health Education. Lyndsey was honored in October 2013 with the Movers of Mountains Award from the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Association for her work with at-risk youth. She is excited to begin her new adventure with SVBC!

Anne Fisher (

Administrative Manager

Anne started riding late in life, and is still timid about going into high traffic areas. However, she enjoys using her bike for commuting and short errands. She is committed to SVBC’s mission of safer bicycling and getting more people out on their bikes both for health and the environment.

Emma Shlaes (

Policy and Advocacy Director

As Policy Manager, Emma leads advocacy in San Mateo County and City of Palo Alto, including leading the respective Local Teams. She also works on regional policy issues, including Caltrain bike parking and access. Emma has a dual master’s degree in Natural Resources and Sustainable Development from American University and the UN-Mandated University for Peace where she completed several projects on cycling at the local and global levels. She has previously worked on national campaigns ranging from diesel pollution to transportation funding at Clean Water Action and Rails-to-Trails Conservancy. She also spent a summer researching the auto-rickshaw industry in Mumbai with EMBARQ India. She rides her bike on her daily commute as well as to meetings and events.

Ann Jasper (

Programs Director

Ann grew up on a Schwinn Stingray, riding it everywhere her mother would allow – the corner store, her school, and to her friends’ homes.   As a parent, she found ways to pass along her love of cycling to her son by riding with him to school. She enjoyed the added perk of avoiding the chaotic pickup and drop-off traffic that plagues many schools, and how it gave her the chance to teach her son about bicycle and traffic safety. Now that her son is a teenager who “knows everything,” Ann loves working with children, their parents, and other adults to help them find ways to enjoy riding their bicycles for both recreation and transportation.


Ihuipapalli Lopez (

Education Programs Coordinator

Ihui (ee-hwee) joined the SVBC staff in February 2017 as Education Programs Coordinator. Ihui is excited to join the team and aspires to combine his many years of counseling, cultural solidarity work, community organizing and environmental issues. Ihui as a teenager had a passion for BMX racing after watching his first BMX movie “Rad” in 1986. Ihui currently has a passion for triathlon racing, traveling, wilderness survival, attending cultural events, martial arts, dancing salsa and DJing.

AK Leung (

Communications & Outreach Manager

AK enjoys riding her bike short distances around town and roller blading along the Bay Trail. She has never been very comfortable riding alongside fast moving cars but hopes to get more confident as bike infrastructure improves. AK is excited to join the SVBC team because of her passion for helping create a community that is health conscious, environmentally sustainable, and equitable. She is eager to explore different ways to promote behavioral change in people that will lead to more trips on bikes over time.

Kate Plant (

Community Projects Coordinator & Bike Parking Manager

As the Community Projects Coordinator, Kate Plant’s role within SVBC varies (just as she likes it). From teaching the young, parents and adults in schools, to teaching organizational commuter workshops, to operating bike parking corrals at various events, to being involved with our many other SVBC programs and to organizing the commute bikepool program with eager organisation’s across the Bay Area. As they say in Australia “I go everywhere man!”. As you can probably guess, Kate hails from downunder with a Bachelor in Environmental Engineering from Griffith University, Australia. Her experience at the Queensland Environmental Protection Agency sharpened her skills with understanding legislative requirements globally. While her experience with various Not for Profit Organisations around Qld, Australia; Seattle, WA and the Bay Area, CA has strengthened her capabilities in this arena. Kate grew up around bicycles and commutes around the Bay Area (and beyond) as much as time and her kids schedule will allow. With a supporting husband, her passion for all things sustainability, cycling and exercise comes to life in her role with the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition.

Mui Le (

Community Programs Advocate

Mui joined a Bike to Work Day event several years ago and is excited to now join SVBC’s team of innovators in creating a healthy and self-sustaining community through bicycling. With her nonprofit experience coordinating programs and services for adults and seniors, she is thrilled to continue working with diverse communities. As Community Programs Advocate, Mui works with stakeholders and communities of color in advocating for behavioral change that results in more people riding bikes daily. Mui received a Bachelor’s in Sociology from San Jose State and has worked on grassroots projects ranging from poverty reform post-Hurricane Katrina to rural development in Thailand. In her spare time, Mui enjoys traveling and teaching Spinning classes at a corporate gym where she encourages students to explore biking outside of class. She can’t wait to start campaigning for a network of protected bike lanes inclusive for all levels.

Allison Greenlee (

Event Coordinator

Allison hails from Minnesota where she worked in student development at Macalester College. During her 12 years there, she planned programs and events to meet educational and community building goals. Most recently, she worked at Good Karma Bikes as a bike mechanic. During this time, she was selected for a scholarship hosted by the United Bicycle Institute for a professional mechanic course designed to develop and retain more women in the biking industry. Allison relocated to California with her wife, Tanya and beloved dog, Eleanor. Together they enjoy commuting and exploring the local trails, often with Eleanor in tow, who rides in her own pull behind trailer. Allison is excited to be a part of SVBC and looks forward to contributing to the many ways we make cycling safer, accessible and fun for everyone!

Ben Pacho (

Santa Clara County Advocate

Ben Pacho was brought on board in January 2018 as Santa Clara County Advocate. He can’t wait to spring into countywide action in support of robust bike plans and become involved with Local Teams. Prior to joining SVBC, Ben developed a passion for transportation advocacy through local community organizing efforts around equitable land use and urban planning issues.