Smooth Streets and Trails

This initiative is about ensuring smooth surfaces for bicyclists. People who bike know that potholes and other inconsistencies can cause real issues. We want to ensure that these are addressed. This initiative also includes campaigns to get cities to incorporate bike lane striping into their repaving plans, which cities like San José and Redwood City already do this.

Past Campaigns

Recent News

Represent SVBC on Regional Bike Advisory Committees

There are vacancies on the bicycle advisory committees for Caltrain, BART, and Caltrans District 4. We rely on members like you to provide on the ground knowledge and ensure that voice is represented at a broader, regional scale. If you’d like to represent SVBC and your community on one of these committees, read on for more information.

Submit a Session Proposal for the Silicon Valley Bike Summit

This year, Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition will hold the 7th Annual Silicon Valley Bicycle Summit on August 8, 2017. The Bike Summit is a weekday, one-day conference intended to educate the community on key issues related to bicycling in San Mateo and Santa Clara...

Silicon Valley Companies Making Your Ride Safer, Easier

SVBC’s overarching, central goal is to see that 10% of trips are taken by bike by 2025. Despite a few exceptional cities in our area, currently San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties are at about 1-2%. Yes, it’s a daunting task; you can even call us mad. We remain...

Measure B Could Complete Our Streets

The campaign for Measure B – the Santa Clara County transportation sales tax that we’ve been working on and writing about for the past couple of years – is in full swing. As the public outreach process begins, SVBC is working double-duty, helping to promote the measure while also working with Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) to craft Complete Streets policies that will ensure the money significantly benefits people who walk, ride bikes, and take transit.

Trail Construction Updates, and an Aerial Trail?

In this guest blog post by Yves Zsutty, Trail Manager for the City of San Jose, learn about the trails currently facing construction work. Frequent construction updates on these and other on-going trail work is also posted regularly on Twitter @SanJoseTrails.  Also,...

Action Alert: Support the Next Phase of Stevens Creek Trail Expansion

Editor’s note: Tim Oey of the Friends of Stevens Creek Trail authored the following action alert regarding a crucial upcoming vote on the future of the trail. Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition wrote a letter in support of the Citizens’ Working Group recommendation. We encourage you to join us at the Cupertino City Council meeting on Tuesday, June 21, or write in as Tim requests below.

VTA Board to Vote on Transportation Sales Tax Measure

On the evening of June 2, the VTA Board of Directors will vote on whether or not to put a 1/2-cent, 30-year transportation sales tax on the November ballot in Santa Clara County. SVBC will be there to support the measure.

How-To Report Road Issues in San Jose

Are you tired of dodging cars because there’s a car parked in the bike lane? Did you get yet another flat from that huge pothole? As a bicycle commuter in San Jose I deal with issues like these on a regular basis, which is why I joined SVBC. I wanted to learn how I could help make it safer for bicyclists. At a recent SVBC meeting in San Jose we came up with real solutions for cyclists dealing with road issues like parked cars, potholes, and debris.

Campaign update: Highway 35/Skyline Surface Quality

Last we updated you in late 2013 on Skyline Blvd., Caltrans District 4 had promised to apply a sand seal treatment on Highway 35 to address the poor surface quality resulting from a chip seal maintenance job in Fall 2012. Early in fall 2015, Caltrans completed the 22-mile sand seal project!

Pipeline Organizers Coordinate with Cycling Clubs for Safety

This post was contributed by former SVBC Board Member Ted Huang and Roadway Safety Solutions Team co-leader Cindy Welton. We just want to share a positive community / bicycle collaboration that really epitomizes “Give a Little”, a local initiative, and the power of...

Campaign update: surface quality on Highway 35/Skyline Boulevard

SVBC met with Caltrans District 4 representatives in August to discuss the ongoing problem of surface quality on Highway 35 following a chip seal maintenance job on that route in Fall 2012. Now, two years after the initial problem, we can report a campaign success...

UC Davis report on chip seal and bike ride quality

UC Davis has recently completed their study on the quality of chip seal and treatments to improve it. This report has impacts on our campaign to improve the surface quality of Highway 35/Skyline Boulevard, which was repaved with chip seal in 2013.