Safe and Comfortable Freeway Crossings

We see highway and freeway crossings (or lack thereof) as the biggest barrier to riding a bike today. With multiple lanes, high traffic speeds, grade changes, and inhospitable landings, current crossings and intersections can be extremely intimidating for even a confident bicyclist. In other cases, there is no appropriate crossing for pedestrians and people on bikes for miles, which creates a disconnection between communities. Both of these issues make it difficult or impossible for people who bike to conveniently get around. We are working through multiple venues to create safe and comfortable highway crossings through both counties.

Current Campaigns

Redwood City Woodside/101 interchange

Recent News

Highway 35 Bicycle Access Online Survey Now Open

Caltrans District 4 has released an online survey regarding bicycle access on the Highway 35 at Highway 1 following SVBC’s meeting with Caltrans staff last week and a now rescinded decision to prohibit bicyclists from this roadway segment.

Update: Highway 35 at Highway 1

Two weeks ago we shared with you the news that Caltrans was temporarily holding a decision to prohibit bicyclists from Highway 35 at Highway 1 in Daly City, due to feedback from all of you. Caltrans is now committed to a process to that will include ample opportunities for you to share ideas about how to improve the area both in the short and long-term.

Caltrans D4 May Close Segment of Highway 35 to Bicyclists

Image: Caltrans District 4's proposal to close Highway 35 to bicyclists from Westmoor Avenue to Hickey Boulevard. UPDATE: As of May 17, due to the outreach to Caltrans by people like you, the sign order to prohibit bicyclists was temporarily placed on hold. Continue...

San Jose Plans Two Years of Vision Zero Action

Kudos to the City of San Jose this week for approving the draft Vision Zero Two-Year Action Plan. The plan, approved by the city council’s Transportation & Environment Committee on Monday, lays out actionable steps the City will take over the next two years as it seeks to reach the goal of eliminating roadway fatalities and major injuries.

Westbound Sand Hill Road Bike Lanes at Highway 280 to get Green Treatment

On February 16, 2017, the San Mateo County Bike and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (SMC BPAC) voted to recommend bike safety improvements to westbound Sand Hill Road at Highway 280. The committee added the consideration that when westbound has been completed work on eastbound Sand Hill Road should be pursued. This is a huge win that came after months and years of advocacy and meetings by various groups, stakeholders, and individuals.

Measure B Bike/Ped Funding on BPAC Agenda

Next Wednesday, February 8, 2017, VTA’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee will discuss draft guidelines for the 2016 Measure B Bicycle and Pedestrian Program. You’re encouraged to attend the meeting or submit your comments and questions to VTA ahead of time.

Submit a Session Proposal for the Silicon Valley Bike Summit

This year, Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition will hold the 7th Annual Silicon Valley Bicycle Summit on August 8, 2017. The Bike Summit is a weekday, one-day conference intended to educate the community on key issues related to bicycling in San Mateo and Santa Clara...

Work Continues on VTA Complete Streets Policy

In November 2016, Santa Clara County voters approved Measure B, a one-half cent sales tax to fund transportation projects, collected over a 30-year period. In addition to a bicycle and pedestrian category of projects in the measure, there was also a requirement that Local Streets and Roads (pavement) projects funded by the measure implement Complete Streets (CS) practices to maintain and improve access and safety for bicyclists, pedestrians, and transit users on the roadway network. Since Measure B was passed, SVBC has been working on multiple fronts to ensure the CS requirement is adhered to.

Sunnyvale Proposes Multimodal Crossing of 101 and 237

The City of Sunnyvale hosted a “Community Kickoff” meeting to discuss a proposed Mary Avenue overcrossing of Highways 101 and 237 on Tuesday, January 17. SVBC helped spread the word about the project and attended the meeting to learn more.

SVBC’s New Year’s Resolutions

It’s a new year and along with it, we have a new crop of New Year’s resolutions. Unlike many resolutions however, we here at SVBC take these seriously. Okay, truthfully, the boss calls these our goals or workplan. What do we plan to tackle this year? Oh, and if you...

What SVBC Means to Me: Shiloh Ballard

The staff at Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition (SVBC) work diligently to advance our mission, and it is personally meaningful work for each of us. SVBC Executive Director Shiloh Ballard shares her thoughts on what SVBC means to her:  Almost every morning, I begin my...

What SVBC Means to Me: Colin Heyne

The staff at Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition (SVBC) work diligently to advance our mission, and it is personally meaningful work for each of us. SVBC Deputy Director Colin Heyne shares his thoughts on what SVBC means to him:  I am a very experienced bicyclist – I...