Refer to the below factsheets for general information on policies, programs, and more! Feel free to share with your elected officials or other decision makers in your community!

Three Feet for Safety factsheet
Information on the Three Feet for Safety law that went into law September 16, 2014 in California.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committees (BPACs) factsheet

This includes information on why a city should have a bicycle advisory committee, potential tasks of such a committee, and information on regional requirements for BPACs.


Bike Route sign

Bikes Mean Business factsheet

Statistics and testimonials on how bike infrastructure helps local businesses. Updated August 2018!


Bike valet

Bike Valet factsheet

This factsheet discusses options for jurisdictions to require or offer bike valet parking at events of a certain size.

El Camino Real

El Camino Real factsheet

This factsheet discusses current conditions of El Camino Real and why it is important for people biking.

Protected Bike Lanes

Protected Bike Lanes factsheet

This factsheet reviews what a protected bike lane (Class IV) is and the benefits that have been shown from implementing them.

Road Diet factsheet

Describes what a road diet is and how it is beneficial for safety and people biking.

Vision Zero factsheet

Briefly describes what Vision Zero is, the history, the benefits, and some of the strategies to achieve Vision Zero.

Vulnerable User Laws factsheet

Explains what is a vulnerable user law or anti-harrassment ordinance, the difference between them, why they are important, and a model ordinance.