Public Agency Bicycle Advisory Committees

SVBC works on getting San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties, the cities within, and other relevant transportation agencies to value, include and encourage bicycling for all purposes for all people. However, we can’t be everywhere all the time, and we need YOUR help in your local community. To make a difference in the city you live, work, or play in, consider joining or attending your city’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC), Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC) or other relevant committee. See table below for a full list of committees.

What is a BPAC?

A BPAC is a group of knowledgeable volunteers who are appointed by the City Council (or other government body) to advise them on all bike-related matters. If you want to improve conditions for bicycling in your city, this is the place to start. Hot tip: cities aren’t the only agencies with BPACs: multijurisdictional organizations like the Valley Transportation Agency (VTA), Caltrain, San Mateo County’s City and County Association of Governments (CCAG), and others can also have BACs. In addition, some jurisdictions have a committee that includes bicyclist perspectives but has a broader purpose, such as a Traffic Safety Committee or Transportation Committee.

Some examples of BPAC’s duties:

  • Review road projects to insure bicyclist needs are considered.
  • Recommend bicycle infrastructure improvements.
  • Lobby for grant funding to finance those improvements.
  • Advocate for policy and procedure changes.

Why get involved?

By attending BPAC meetings, participating as a committee member, or contacting the committee, you will make your voice heard. Some other reasons to get active:

  • Get your questions answered! Why isn’t there a bike lane on your street? The city or other agency may be considering this or there could be alternatives nearby.
  • Share safety concerns. Sometimes a city or other agency is unaware of a problem until someone brings it to their attention through public forums such as these.
  • Find out about new bike projects, policies, or events.
  • Help the BPAC by being additional “eyes and ears” on the street to help them do their best possible job.
  • Show the City Council that their constituents care about bicycling improvements.
  • Become a more effective bicycling advocate by keeping yourself better informed.

Find out more about your city’s committees and countywide committees below:


Jurisdiction (website links) Type Staff/BPAC Chair Contact
Atherton Transportation Committee Sergeant Anthony Kockler
Belmont Parks and Recreation Commission
Brisbane Complete Streets Committee
Burlingame Traffic Safety and Parking Commission  Andrew Wong
Campbell Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee Matthew Jue
Cupertino Bicycle and Pedestrian Commission David Stillman
Daly City Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee Shirley Chan
East Palo Alto Public Works and Transportation Committee Kamal Fallaha
Fremont Rene Dalton
Foster City Traffic Review Committee
Gilroy Bicycle Pedestrian Commission Zachary Hilton
Half Moon Bay  Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee  Bridget Jett

Los Altos Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee Aruna Bodduna
Los Altos Hills Traffic Safety Committee
Los Gatos
Menlo Park Complete Streets Commission Kevin Chen
Millbrae  Parks and Recreation Committee
Milpitas Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Commission Steve Chan
Morgan Hill
Mountain View Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee Public Works Department
Palo Alto  Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee
Portola Valley Bicycle, Pedestrian & Traffic Safety Committee Ed Holland
Redwood City Complete Streets Committee Jessica Manzi
San Bruno Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee David Woltering
San Carlos Transportation & Circulation Committee
San Jose Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee John Brazil
San Mateo Public Works Commission Sue-Ellen Atkinson
Santa Clara Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee Dennis Ng 
Saratoga Traffic Safety Commission Mainini Cabute
South San Francisco Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee Neil Selander and Ines Mendez
Sunnyvale Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Commission Ralph Garcia
Woodside Circulation Committee Sean Rose


Jurisdiction (website links) Type Staff Contact
Caltrain Bicycle Advisory Committee
Caltrans District 4 Bicycle Advisory Committee Sergio Ruiz
San Mateo County Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee Kaley Lyons
San Mateo County City and County Association of Governments (CCAG) Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee Sara Muse
San Mateo County Transportation Authority Citizen Advisory Committee
Samtrans Citizen Advisory Committee
Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee Lauren Ledbetter