Palo Alto Bike Boulevards
The City of Palo Alto is a shining example of the impact that innovative infrastructure can have on increasing the number of people on bikes. As a League of American Bicyclists silver-ranked Bicycle Friendly Community and with 50-70% of school children biking to school, the City is doing many things right. Their 2012 Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan detailed many more projects to be implemented that would create a true network of bicycle infrastructure. We are holding the City to these goals by advocating for the completion of at least three bicycle boulevards this year. There is still much progress to be made and a full network of bicycle boulevards in the City would make it easier for people to seamlessly travel by bike to any of their destinations.
Recent News

Palo Alto Pop-up Bikeway

Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of attending a pop-up two-way cycletrack, or separated bikeway, demonstration on Park Boulevard, put on by City of Palo Alto and Fehr & Peers consultants.

Pop-up bikeways and other temporary projects, like parklets, are sweeping the nation as tools used by local cities and advocates to demonstrate how a potential project could work, gain direct feedback from people biking and walking, and generate support for new, innovative designs. They also help to educate people on how to use a separated bikeway – still a relatively new concept in California – and create excitement as people experience them firsthand.

Palo Alto bike boulevards, make your voice heard!

Following a campaign by the Palo Alto Local Team, the City of Palo Alto approved funding for multiple bike boulevards and is now in the midst of the design and public input period of a network of 22 Bike Boulevards in the city. If you want to get involved and make...