Family Bicycling Workshops
We are proud to offer educational workshops to schools, youth centers, businesses and other community organizations that are looking to encourage students, employees, and/or community members to ride their bike for recreation, transportation, and fun. These workshops incorporate information about rules of the road, bike handling skills, ride planning, and even bike repair. The cost for each workshop is dependent on the scope, but usually ranging from $1,200 – $3,000

To request a workshop for your school, business, or community organization, please complete the Family Biking Workshop Request Form.

Upcoming Workshops
If funds are not available for a workshop at this time, would your organization consider funding a session itself?

Costs range from $200-500 for classroom sessions and from $1200-3000 for on-bike workshops.

Interested in sponsoring a family bicycling workshop?

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Recent News

Walk It before Planning It! – A New Take on the Safe Routes To School Planning Meeting.

What a great experience! On Tuesday, October 24, 2017, a slew of stakeholders (parents, school trustee’s, school representatives, Gilroy Engineering department, SVBC, and etc.) woke up early (arrived by 7:20am) for a beautiful and brisk walk around the school’s wider block. Usually a walk audit is undertaken by SCCPH and the school staff as part of organizing a SRTS Planning Meeting, but asking all stakeholders of the planning meeting to also be involved in a walk audit before the Planning Meeting was definitely a treat!
Participants were able to watch firsthand some crosswalks where Crossing Guards were already assisting children to cross busy intersections, but we heard that there still remained some serious safety concerns. It was more than that; physically observing parents U-Turn randomnly around a corner or just rolling through yet another crosswalk – it made me (a parent, Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition (SVBC) employee, and someone from outside the community), stand up and be concerned!