Redwood City El Camino Real

Redwood City is currently working on an El Camino Real Corridor Plan that consolidates the recently-rezoned areas along El Camino Real and incorporates community benefits, design guidelines, and streetscape improvements to address all users of the corridor. SVBC is participating in order to ensure high quality and safe bike facilities and crossings in the final plan. Currently El Camino Real is an unsafe road to travel on for people biking yet it is a natural north-south route with a wealth of destinations including housing, businesses, and schools. As El Camino continues to develop and become more dense, along with the rest of Redwood City, it should be made safe to travel on and cross for everyone. One idea the consultants have proposed are protected bike lanes with parking removal. That would mean a physical barrier between moving vehicles and the bike lane.


For more information on existing conditions and proposals, see Redwood City’s El Camino Real homepage.

For more information on why SVBC works on El Camino Real, see our presentation and factsheet.

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Timeline: January 2016 through Summer 2017

  • Summer 2016 – Fall 2016: Data gathering and technical analysis
  • Winter 2016  – Spring 2017: Develop and review potential standards and street design options
  • Summer 2017: Draft Corridor Plan

What SVBC Members are saying: 

I have been a Redwood City resident for the past 18 years and am a member of a single-car family.  My daily commute from Redwood City to Menlo Park includes a section of El Camino Real. El Camino is the quickest way for me to get to my destination. Currently, I encounter fast moving traffic, parked cars, and parked dumpsters as obstacles to my journey. The improvements suggested by the El Camino Corridor plan would help make my daily commute a safer and more pleasant  experience and would benefit the community of Redwood City by creating a bicycle/pedestrian friendly space with easier access to destinations on El Camino. My husband and I also have taught our 13-year old daughter methods of alternative transportation and our location in Redwood City allows her to bicycle or walk to most of her daily activities. Narrowing of El Camino and providing more accommodations for pedestrians would help my daughter on her lone journeys to downtown and to the library. – SVBC member Dianne L. Brien

My wife and I are new home owners in Redwood City. We have a newborn. I’m writing in this busy time period of our life to say that we are EXTREMELY interested in Class 4 bike lanes being prioritized for El Camino Real. The rising population density makes biking ideal and safe for our Mediterranean climate. To move onto the next generation, it is our hope that we model livability after Copenhagen and Amsterdam. While my wife and I both car commute for work north and south, respectively, we strongly desire safe local bike paths. Bike lanes on the road do not propagate bike travel because of the stress from traveling with cars. We hope that our daughter can safely ride in a cargo bike or alongside us in the future years throughout the peninsula, and especially in our home town of Redwood City. I just want to say that I think there are misconceptions in civic leadership roles about who (what types of citizens) wants protected bike lanes. I think it’s sometimes said that working and tax paying individuals value car infrastructure more than what can be seen as superfluous bike lanes. In this light, and just to add to our story, I am a pilot of a major airline and my wife is a skin cancer surgeon. We’re both regular people and taxpayers who value looking towards the future and putting the many benefits of cycle transit ahead of short term views of status quo. – Anonymous SVBC member


Recent News

Redwood City Plan Will Bring Bike Lanes to El Camino Real

After a yearlong advocacy campaign, SVBC savored a big win last night when the Redwood City City Council voted unanimously (Masur abstaining due to recusal) to approve the El Camino Corridor Plan. The Plan lays out a vision that could transform Redwood City’s stretch of the Royal Highway from a high-speed commercial strip into a corridor where people can safely and comfortably walk, bike, and enjoy a tree-lined boulevard with a strong sense of place.

Take Action for Protected Bike Lanes on El Camino Real in Redwood City

Now’s your chance to speak up in support of protected bike lanes on El Camino Real in Redwood City! The city has its draft Redwood City El Camino Real Corridor Plan on their website now after months of study and outreach. Two upcoming public meetings provide an opportunity to express your approval of the plan and ensure that protected bike lanes move forward on this important corridor.

Update: Redwood City El Camino Real Corridor Plan

Redwood City is preparing to wrap up the El Camino Real Corridor Plan process by the end of the year. The draft plan, which will include protected bike lanes on El Camino Real, is expected to be released at the end of September and we encourage you to submit comments in support. See more info on how to make an impact by sharing your story and read about the public survey results.

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Update: Redwood City El Camino Real Plan

On June 7, Redwood City held another Citizens Advisory Group (CAG) meeting on the El Camino Real Corridor Plan with a presentation from consultants. The CAG, staff, and consultants are coalescing around many of the final ideas for the plan, which includes protected bikeways on El Camino. The inclusion of protected bikeways in the final plan has been bolstered by the survey, community outreach, and the traffic analysis.

New Report: Protected Bike Lanes on El Camino Real

SVBC proudly introduces our report on Protected Bike Lanes on El Camino Real. Written and researched by our intern, Miguel Salazar, it collects and examines information on local and national protected bikeways projects. The report and accompanying factsheets combine reliable sources to better explain what a protected bike lane is, how and why protected bikeways are the safest treatment for the widest range of users, and the business and environmental benefits of protected bikeways.

Redwood City El Camino Real Citizens Group Supports Protected Bikeways

Last week, City of Redwood City's El Camino Real Citizen's Advisory Group (CAG) held their third meeting, in which consultants presented concepts and options for people biking, walking, taking transit, and driving cars for the Redwood City El Camino Real Corridor...