El Camino Real Bikeways

El Camino Real is the only non-highway road that connects from Daly City to San José, and is the backbone of our historical communities on the peninsula. This, as well as the concentration of housing and businesses along this corridor, make it THE essential North-South route, not only for motor vehicles (its main use today), but for bicyclists and pedestrians as well. Yes, there are parallel routes in some of the various cities along El Camino Real, yet these are disconnected and not always well publicized. From a high concentration of crash data, we know that biking on El Camino isn’t currently advisable and we also know that many people do already bike on El Camino to access the many businesses and other destinations. We need to make this corridor safe, comfortable and vibrant for all users.

Whether you live on El Camino Real or want to use El Camino Real to get from city to city or to access the wealth of small businesses on the strip, we want to help by creating continuous, protected bike lanes on El Camino Real in both counties. We are urging cities to be innovative and create new solutions.

See our presentation on why we work on El Camino Real and the roadway’s relationship with safety and Vision Zero as well as our El Camino Real factsheet.

Current Campaigns

Redwood City El Camino Real: SVBC will work to incorporate high quality and safe bike facilities and crossings in the El Camino Real Corridor Plan by Summer 2017.

Sunnyvale El Camino Real
Recent News

Submit a Session Proposal for the 8th Annual Silicon Valley Bike Summit

We are soliciting proposals for session and speaker ideas for the 8th Annual Silicon Valley Bicycle Summit. The Bike Summit is a weekday, one-day conference intended to educate the community on key issues related to bicycling in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties as well as bring together people working in this field. Proposals are due March 31, 2018.

Redwood City Plan Will Bring Bike Lanes to El Camino Real

After a yearlong advocacy campaign, SVBC savored a big win last night when the Redwood City City Council voted unanimously (Masur abstaining due to recusal) to approve the El Camino Corridor Plan. The Plan lays out a vision that could transform Redwood City’s stretch of the Royal Highway from a high-speed commercial strip into a corridor where people can safely and comfortably walk, bike, and enjoy a tree-lined boulevard with a strong sense of place.

Take Action for Protected Bike Lanes on El Camino Real in Redwood City

Now’s your chance to speak up in support of protected bike lanes on El Camino Real in Redwood City! The city has its draft Redwood City El Camino Real Corridor Plan on their website now after months of study and outreach. Two upcoming public meetings provide an opportunity to express your approval of the plan and ensure that protected bike lanes move forward on this important corridor.

Update: Redwood City El Camino Real Corridor Plan

Redwood City is preparing to wrap up the El Camino Real Corridor Plan process by the end of the year. The draft plan, which will include protected bike lanes on El Camino Real, is expected to be released at the end of September and we encourage you to submit comments in support. See more info on how to make an impact by sharing your story and read about the public survey results.

7th Annual Silicon Valley Bike Summit Recap

  Thank you to all who attended the 7th Annual Silicon Valley Bike Summit. This year was the biggest year yet with 230 attendees and over 105 bikes parked! Did you miss it? Read on to catch up on all the day’s fascinating discussions. You can also view the...

Update: Redwood City El Camino Real Plan

On June 7, Redwood City held another Citizens Advisory Group (CAG) meeting on the El Camino Real Corridor Plan with a presentation from consultants. The CAG, staff, and consultants are coalescing around many of the final ideas for the plan, which includes protected bikeways on El Camino. The inclusion of protected bikeways in the final plan has been bolstered by the survey, community outreach, and the traffic analysis.

New Report: Protected Bike Lanes on El Camino Real

SVBC proudly introduces our report on Protected Bike Lanes on El Camino Real. Written and researched by our intern, Miguel Salazar, it collects and examines information on local and national protected bikeways projects. The report and accompanying factsheets combine reliable sources to better explain what a protected bike lane is, how and why protected bikeways are the safest treatment for the widest range of users, and the business and environmental benefits of protected bikeways.