As part of our mission to get more people on bikes, SVBC feels it is extremely important that everyone knows how to ride a bike safely. Our education efforts teach children and adults safe-riding skills that help them get around confidently by bike.

Through our Safe Routes to School programs, we prepare young students with the safety knowledge they need to stay healthy and active by biking and walking to school. Not long ago, half of all children got to school by biking or walking. Today, just 15 percent of school children bike or walk to school.

Nationwide, 60 percent of adults would like to ride a bike more often but are intimidated by the challenges of navigating a bike in traffic. By teaching adults practical bike-riding skills, we empower more people to use a bike for transportation. In order to reach a wide audience of daily commuters, we offer a lunchtime bicycle commute workshop. The presentation covers bicycle and gear basics, how to choose a comfortable route, taking bikes on transit, tips for bicycling safely on city streets, and what to do when you get to work. For more information or to schedule a workshop, email Colin at

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