Diridon Station Area Vision

Visions of a world-class hub of transit, activities, and ideas

The City of San Jose’s Diridon Transit Station has the potential to become a world-class hub of activity and ideas, one that celebrates San Jose’s diverse population, stimulates the local economy, and promotes environmental sustainability.

Demographic changes are also taking place that lead to an increasing number of individuals that are searching for a more urban lifestyle and the entertainment and cultural amenities traditionally found in downtown areas. These households include people of all ages, especially active seniors and young professionals.

Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition seeks to educate and advocate our members and other engaged residents early on in the planning process. Diridon can evolve into a walkable, bikeable, affordable, and vibrant area. But you input is crucial to ensuring this happens.

Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition began the process in 2009 in close collaboration with Greenbelt Alliance . After working with various neighborhood leaders, cyclists within the community, and facilitating community workshops we have received support for our Diridon Station Bicycle Manifesto and have published the Diridon Station Leadership paper, our vision for a vibrant station area. Feel free to click through the following links to share that vision.

  1. Diridon Station Bicycling Manifesto
  2. Leadership Paper – Diridon Station
  3. Diridon Station Area Maps*
  4. A Community Vision for Diridon Station (pdf of a PowerPoint Presentation)

*The Google Maps and Google Earth (GE) links show key areas of concern in San Jose while showing best practices in Portland, Oregon. The Google Earth link requires the GE6 download, however with GE6 you will be able to view embedded videos on key markers. Video capability is not available on the Google Maps link.

Photos:http://www.pedbikeimages.org / Dan Burden