Bicycling Safety Tips and Commuting Workshops

Smart Bicycling Tips
These tip sheets from the League of American Bicyclists will help you learn more about how to ride safely and perform maintenance on your bike.






Learn to fix your own bike
The purpose of this site is to help people learn how to fix their own bikes.


Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute
Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute is a small, active non-profit that serves as a consumer advocacy program and a technical resource for bicycle helmet information:


How to Not Get Hit by Cars
This page shows you real ways you can get hit and real ways to avoid them:


I am Traffic
i am traffic, is a program of the American Bicycling Education Association.  Ensuring that the drivers of human-powered vehicles are expected and respected as a normal part of traffic. Includes videos and articles:


A Short Guide to Biking in the Rain
Our friends at Bike East Bay have created a nice short guide to ride comfortably and prudently in the rain.


Diez consejos básicos para evitar accidentes
How to Not Get Hit by Cars/Diez consejos básicos para evitar accidentes


Como Ponerse el Casco de Bicicleta y Hacerlo Bien
Seguridad en Bicicleta–Lo que todo padre debe saber
Bicycle Safety- What every parent should know: