Dumbarton Corridor Bike/Ped Trail

The Dumbarton Rail corridor is a valuable right of way cutting through multiple communities and linking to regional transit and the East Bay via Dumbarton Bridge and would be well-served by a multi-use trail for short trips.

For people traveling from the East Bay, a transit option across the Dumbarton Bridge to downtown Redwood City and destinations in between would be very effective to reduce congestion. However, for shorter trips, it is important to provide the option to bike and walk on this corridor as well. We feel confident that these two needs can be served by a transit option parallel to a multi-use trail on the Dumbarton right of way.

In 2017, SVBC worked to ensure bicycle facilities on the Dumbarton Corridor were an option in the Dumbarton Corridor Study and advocated for high quality bicycle connections to the trail and the bridge. See the April 2017 Dumbarton Trail Coalition letter.

In 2019, SVBC is working as part of the Dumbarton Corridor Coalition to inform the next phase of this project. SamTrans has signed an exclusive negotiating agreement with Facebook and Plenary Group, as CrossBay Transit Partners, for the latter group to lead environmental, technical, and financial feasibility studies over the next 18 months. SVBC will continue to work to see dedicated places for people to bike safely on the corridor alongside transit.

Contact Emma@bikesiliconvalley.org if you’d like to receive updates and get involved on this campaign.

Recent News

Sneak Peek: Silicon Valley Bike Summit Program, August 1

This year’s Silicon Valley Bike Summit will be a treat for new and returning guests. Hosted by City of Mountain at the city’s newly remodeled Community Center and presented by Jump Electric Bike Share, we are so pleased to bring you the 9th Annual Silicon Valley Bike...

New Dumbarton Corridor Phase Kicks Off

There is now a new phase of the Dumbarton Corridor planning process and we need your help to support healthy and active transportation options for all people along the corridor, starting at meetings next week in Redwood City and Menlo Park.

Campaign Update: Dumbarton Corridor Moves Forward

SamTrans has approved an agreement to fund the continuing study of the revitalization of the Dumbarton Corridor from Redwood City to Union City. Two private companies will be taking on the majority of the cost of the technical studies and reports required, with little to no cost for the public agency. Read on for next steps.

Update and Action Alert on the Dumbarton Corridor

SamTrans is considering a public-private partnership to fund further work on the Dumbarton Corridor. Add your voice to encourage this funding opportunity and expediting further study of a bike/ped trail on this corridor.

Local Leaders Bike in San Mateo County

SVBC, along with Commute.org, is leading the Third Annual Elected Officials Bike Ride on Bike to Work Day, May 10, in San Mateo County.

Quick actions to protect Dumbarton transit/bike/ped funds in East Bay

A proposal from Union City is moving forward to raid the major Dumbarton Corridor transit project to build a highway instead, repurposing Alameda County Dumbarton Corridor funds (for rail, an intermodal station, and bike/ped infrastructure) to the East West Highway Connector project. Read on for how to take action now.

SVBC Sends Joint Comment Letter for Dumbarton Study

SVBC collaborated with eleven other organizations on a joint comment letter on the Dumbarton Corridor Study, submitted on Friday, Sept. 29 feasibility study. This letter was a follow-up to our coalition letter back in April and in addition to meetings with SamTrans staff over the past couple months as well as two community forums that we co-hosted. We will continue to share our support for a multi-use trail with decisionmakers until the study goes back to the SamTrans Board later this year.

Take Action on Dumbarton Trail

As we shared early last month, SamTrans does not recommend a multiuse trail on the Dumbarton right of way from Redwood City Caltrain to Dumbarton Bridge in the Draft Corridor Study. SamTrans is hearing that residents are concerned with the lack of a trail on the Draft Study. SVBC is working with a coalition of other non-profit groups to overcome the technical reasons that a trail wasn’t recommended and we need your help to keep the pressure on.

Dumbarton Study Does Not Recommend Trail, Make Your Voice Heard

On August 2, SamTrans staff presented their Board of Directors with draft recommendations for the Dumbarton Corridor. This corridor presents a once in a lifetime opportunity to develop the safest and highest quality bike/ped transportation alternative in this...

Action Alert: Support Dumbarton Corridor Bike/Ped Path

Would you like to bike on an off-street path between Redwood City and East Palo Alto, Menlo Park, or across Dumbarton bridge?
That dream could be a reality as Samtrans is wrapping up a study on the Dumbarton Corridor, which analyzes transportation needs and opportunities along this 4.8-mile, 100-foot wide abandoned rail corridor that connects downtown Redwood City to North Fair Oaks, Menlo Park, and finally the Dumbarton bridge. Improvements could include a bike and pedestrian trail, commuter rail, bus rapid transit (BRT), and more.