Bay Area Bike Challenge

Enjoy all the benefits of riding a bike this May while you take part in a fun team-based bike challenge!

We’ve made some changes to the Bay Area Bike Challenge in 2018 to get as many Bay Area bike commuters to commit to riding for the entire month of May – National Bike Month – as possible. Through the platform, riders can track their rides, win virtual prizes, join a team, or just have fun. For competitive types, the platform allows you to create teams and compete against other teams.

Overview – Bay Area Bike Challenge – May 2018
  • Start a team or join an existing team (or you can ride solo, but it’s more fun with some friends!)
  • Teams can have up to 8 riders.
  • Teams can be composed of anyone — colleagues, friends, family, etc.
  • Your team will compete against 9 other teams in your ‘Pool’ (more info on Pools below).
  • Each individual and team will earn points as pictured below. The more points you earn by riding and by encouraging others to ride, the higher up the leaderboard you’ll go!
  • There will be winning teams in each Pool. Can you beat the other teams in your Pool to get on the podium?
  • After the 3rd week of the challenge, the top team from each Pool is put into an additional leaderboard called ‘The Final Sprint.’
  • They’ll face the top teams from all the other Pools to see which team is the best of the best!
  • In addition to the team winners, awards will be given for top male/female rider, most trips ridden by male/female riders, the top male/female new rider, and the top male/female encourager.
How to Take Part:
  • Register on the Love To Ride website (or log in if you’ve registered on Love to Ride before)
  • Create a team or join an existing team
  • Ride a bike anywhere, anytime, during the month-long Challenge.
  • Record your rides on the website (or via an app) to earn points
  • Recruit your colleagues and friends to ride and join in too.
  • Go into the prize drawing!
Win Prizes!

Free prizes, just for riding your bike? Yes please!
Check out the prizes page for eligible prizes.

Check out this year’s winners below and get inspired!

2017 Team Bike Challenge Winners

Santa Clara County
First – Crank Addicts
Second – Akash’s Friends
Third – Unstoppable Alien Dreadnought

San Mateo County
First – SSF-TGV
Second – Lucid Motorless
Third – THE Autonomous!

Check out other Bay Area winners for 2017.