Energizer Stations

On Bike to Work Day, Energizer Stations will be set up throughout the Bay Area to encourage bicyclists to ride. An Energizer Station is a small booth set up along the roadways of major bicycle commuting routes that has food, goodies and good cheer to encourage cyclists on Bike to Work Day. Every year, bicyclists who stop by these stations receive a free reusable Bike to Work Day bag full of tips on safety and useful bicycling information.

Companies, organizations and individuals support Bike to Work Day each year by hosting one or more of our Energizer Stations. Interested in hosting an Energizer Station? Email Allison Greenlee at allison@bikesiliconvalley.org

Check out the map below to see this year’s Energizer Station locations. Stop by a location marked with a green bike icon to purchase an SVBC membership and Bike to Work Day t-shirt (while supplies last)!