Company Bike Challenge

The Company Bike Challenge is a fun and friendly cycling competition among companies throughout the Bay Area that encourages friends and colleagues to commute by bike during the month of May. Cyclists competing in the Team Bike Challenge will earn points for their team and company every time they ride their bike to work, the park, or any other destination. It’s also another great way to show other companies in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties that you are a commuting champion.

To compete, individuals sign up on the Team Bike Challenge registration page and choose their company from a pull-down menu. Points will then be counted toward that company. There are three categories for companies, and the company with the highest point total in each category wins!

For complete rules and to register your company, visit Company Bike Challenge participants need only sign up and join their company. You can also join as a team for the Team Bike Challenge if you’d like.

For complete rules and to participate, register at 2017 registration will open in April, and the Challenge begins on May 1.

Why your company should compete:

  • Exercise increases energy levels and relieves stress. The greater the number of participants in your company, the more the company will benefit from the productivity increase associated with physical activity.
  • Everyone works together. Competition is an excellent way to train the group skills that your company thrives on. And you don’t have to wait until the next team-building exercise retreat.
  • You have a great company! The Company Bike Challenge is your opportunity to show the rest of Silicon Valley.
  • Give your competitors a ride for their money while letting your employees have another thing to boast about.

Company categories are:

  • Small Business (1-50 Local Employees)
  • Medium Company (50-300 Local Employees)
  • Large Corporation (300+ Local Employees)
2016 Company Bike Challenge Winners
Santa Clara County

Small Companies
First – DNAnexus
Second – Silicon Valley Leadership Group
Third – Cornerstone Earth Group

Medium Companies
First – LitePoint
Second – REI Mountain View
Third – Benetech

Large Companies
First – Apple Inc.
Second – Tesla Motors
Third – Synaptics

San Mateo County

Small Companies
First – IBM Watson, Redwood City
Second – Skydio
Third – Stottler Henke

Medium Companies
First -Atieva
Second – Codexis, Inc

Large Companies
First – Genentech, Inc.
Second – SRI International
Third – Guidewire Software
Third – Pacific Biosciences