Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committees

While we work on getting cities and other transportation organizations together to make bicycling a priority in all road and path development projects, we need your help in your own city.

Be it where you work, live or play, the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committees (BPAC’s) take action on a local level. BPAC’s are on the front lines of all city issues, and we’ve given each of them across both San Mateo and Santa Clara counties their own page to share with you what their working on and how you can help improve bicycling in your own city.

What is a BPAC?

Your BPAC is a group of knowledgeable volunteers who are appointed by the City Council to advise them on all bike-related matters. Among their duties, they review road projects to insure cyclist needs are considered; recommend bicycle infrastructure improvements; lobby for grant funding to finance those improvements; and advocate policy and procedure changes to eliminate longstanding anti-cycling bias within many local government departments. These volunteers represent your official voice in City Hall. If you want to improve cycling conditions in your city, this is the place to start.

Why you should get Active

Maintaining regular contact with your BPAC by attending meetings and sending email is beneficial in multiple ways. BPAC members rely on interested cyclists acting as additional “eyes and ears” on the street to help them do their best possible job. By keeping yourself informed about BPAC activities, you will be a more effective cycling advocate. And the more public interest the City Council observes for cycling improvements, the more inclined they are to respond favorably. A common misconception is that one voice can’t possibly make a difference. Give it a try, and you just might be pleasantly surprised! Anyway, what have you got to lose?

Take action! Every little bit counts. Join a BPAC below, and make sure to check our site for updates from your local committee.

Committee Listing

BPAC Staff E-mail Website
Belmont Bozhena Palatnik
Brisbane John Quilter
Burlingame  Andrew Wong
CalTrain Michelle Bouchard
Caltrans District 4 Sergio Ruiz
Campbell Matthew Jue
Cupertino David Stillman
Daly City Shirley Chan
Fremont Rene Dalton
Gilroy Don Dey
Los Altos Kathy Small
Los Altos Hills Cyrus Kianpour
Los Gatos Kevin Rohani
Menlo Park Nicole Nagaya
Milpitas Janice Spuller
Morgan Hills Bicycle and Trails Advisory Committee Julie Behzad
Mountain View Jenny Fire
Palo Alto Chris Corrao
Redwood City Susan Wheeler
San Bruno Megan Wooley-Ousdahl
San Carlos Robert Weil
San Jose John Brazil
San Mateo Gary Heap
San Mateo City/County Association of Governments (C/CAG) Tom Madalena
Santa Clara Marshall Johnson
Saratoga Iveta Harvancik
South San Francisco Lawrence Henriquez
Sunnyvale Carol Shariat…
VTA Michelle deRobertis VTA Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee
Woodside Dong Nguyen Town of Woodside Circulation Committee