Bikes + Transit
In order to boost your biking distance, all transit systems in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties offer onboard and wayside (at the station) bike storage capacity, to varying degrees. SVBC strongly supports the ongoing efforts of many of our transit agencies to more seamlessly integrate bicycling as a “first and last mile” solution for getting to and from transit.

Bike Share:
Bike Share is an essential first and last mile solution that allows people to access transit and other destinations more easily.

Recent News

City of Santa Clara: El Camino Real Workshop + Bike Plan Update

The bicycle stars are aligning in Santa Clara, as the city weigh’s transportation options for El Camino Real and kicks off its 2018 bike plan update with two all-important upcoming meetings. On Tuesday, August 14, City of Santa Clara is holding a community workshop to...

Pedal2Health Partners with Bike Share Company, Lime

At Pedal2Health events in affordable-housing communities, the number one barrier limiting resident participation stems from residents not owning a bike. A few reasons may include lack of access to bikes and secure bike storage, lack of safe bike infrastructure in...

New Interactive Map Shows Where SVBC Works

One question we get a lot here at SVBC is “what sort of work do you do over there?”. We now have an interactive map of all of the policies, program, and events that SVBC has been involved in over the last five years. Check it out!

Regional Measure 3 Passed Bringing Billions of Transportation Funding

Regional Measure 3, endorsed by SVBC, has been approved by you, the voters! The measure, which was on the ballot for all nine Bay Area counties, will raise bridge tolls over time to raise $4.45 billion for transportation projects in the Bay Area, including $150 million for Safe Routes to Transit and completing the Bay Trail. Read on to see more about how the money will be spent.

SVBC Member Spotlight: Katie DeLeuw

Today we spotlight SVBC member Katie DeLeuw. Katie has been the SVBC San Mateo County representative for the BART Bicycle Task Force since 2017. She helps SVBC develop policy on issues related to BART and Bikes+Transit. Read more about Katie’s life and work by bike.

SVBC Member Spotlight: Miguel Guevara

We’re spotlighting SVBC member Miguel Guevara. Miguel has been the SVBC Santa Clara County representative for the Caltrain Bicycle Advisory Committee since 2017. He helps SVBC develop policy on bikes on board, bike parking at Caltrain stations, and other issues around Bikes+Transit and provides direct feedback to Caltrain staff.

SVBC Supports Regional Measure 3

How do we make bicycling safer, easier, and more attractive in the Bay Area? Regional Measure 3, on the June ballot, would raise bridge tolls over time and invest money back into the transportation system: completing gaps in the Bay Trail, providing safe connections for people walking and biking to Caltrain and BART, and making transit faster and more efficient. Read on to learn more about SVBC’s support for the ballot measure..

Get a Job: Caltrain Bike/Ped Access Planner

Caltrain is looking to hire a Principal Planner focused on bicycle and pedestrian access! This is a new position for Caltrain and was one of the key recommendations in the Caltrain Bicycle Parking Management Plan. This Principal Planner will report to the Director of Caltrain Planning and will lead efforts to implement the Caltrain Bicycle Parking Management Plan and other access improvements along the Caltrain corridor.

Action Alert: Support More Funding for Caltrain Bike Improvements

As Caltrain electrification approaches in 2022, SVBC has been working with SF Bicycle Coalition to further the bike-friendliness of Caltrain. Read the updates and then write a note to the Caltrain Board to show your support for more funding for bike improvements.

Quick actions to protect Dumbarton transit/bike/ped funds in East Bay

A proposal from Union City is moving forward to raid the major Dumbarton Corridor transit project to build a highway instead, repurposing Alameda County Dumbarton Corridor funds (for rail, an intermodal station, and bike/ped infrastructure) to the East West Highway Connector project. Read on for how to take action now.