Bikes + Transit
In order to boost your biking distance, all transit systems in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties offer onboard and wayside (at the station) bike storage capacity, to varying degrees. SVBC strongly supports the ongoing efforts of many of our transit agencies to more seamlessly integrate bicycling as a “first and last mile” solution for getting to and from transit.

Bike Share:
Bike Share is an essential first and last mile solution that allows people to access transit and other destinations more easily.

Recent News

Submit a Session Proposal for the 8th Annual Silicon Valley Bike Summit

We are soliciting proposals for session and speaker ideas for the 8th Annual Silicon Valley Bicycle Summit. The Bike Summit is a weekday, one-day conference intended to educate the community on key issues related to bicycling in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties as well as bring together people working in this field. Proposals are due March 31, 2018.

Better Bikeways: Shaping a Better and Safer Downtown

Better Bikeways, a network of protected bike lanes and calm bike boulevards in and around central San Jose is now taking shape! The development of Better Bikeways began two years ago and you get caught up here and here. We are excited to be teaming up with the City of...

Addressing Bike Share Equity in the Bay Area

Are you all caught up with the Bike Share Battle? Great! Now we’ll talk about one of the main players, Ford GoBike through its bike share equity lens with a program called Bike Share for All. A quick overview -  San Francisco Bay Area’s regional bike share network...

Bright, Colorful, Pretty Bikes Decorate the Streets

Brightly colored lime green and orange bikes, many of them ebikes, have begun to appear in packs in Downtown San Jose, Burlingame, and South San Francisco. They are eye-catching and are causing quite a stir. So what are all these new bikes? It’s quite a saga with many different story lines. Welcome to the Bike Share Battle!

Bike Parking & Wearing Many “Bike Helmets” – Kate Plant

I want to take this opportunity to introduce our SVBC Bike Parking Team. We have some great Bike Parking Shift Supervisors on our team this coming year. However, our team can’t do it without all of our AMAZING volunteers, and I’d like to give a huge shout-out to all of those fantastic volunteers who have shown up through rain, cold, and heat. Read more…

Gilroy’s El Roble Elementary Bike Train Picking Up Steam!

Despite a cold early morning on January 10, nothing stopped El Roble Elementary’s Bike Train as part of the Safe Routes to School initiative in Gilroy.  Bike Trains, which are organized group rides for students led by parent volunteers, are a great way to encourage a...

Help Improve Bike Access to BART

The BART Bicycle Advisory Task Force (a volunteer advisory group) is recruiting new members. The Task Force is charged with reviewing and working with BART to improve bicycle access to and on BART. Membership is currently open for individuals who live or work in San Francisco, Contra Costa, San Mateo or Santa Clara counties. If you’d like to represent SVBC and your community on this committee, please read on for more information.

Santa Clara Continues to Resist Pruneridge Bike Lane Plans

Guest Blog by Betsy Megas. Betsy lives and works in the city of Santa Clara, and commutes by bicycle. She is an SVBC member and volunteer. Now that San Jose extended the protected bike lanes on Hedding Street to the Santa Clara border at Winchester, Santa Clara...

Represent SVBC on Regional Bike Advisory Committees

There are vacancies on the bicycle advisory committees for Caltrain, BART, and Caltrans District 4. We rely on members like you to provide on the ground knowledge and ensure that voice is represented at a broader, regional scale. If you’d like to represent SVBC and your community on one of these committees, read on for more information.

Ford GoBike Takes Off in San Jose

SVBC attended the celebration of Ford GoBike’s expansion in San Jose last week. Read on about how we’re addressing bike share equity in the Bay Area through Bike Share for All program with communities of color and affordable housing developments.

Caltrain Determines Future Bike Car Design

Almost two years ago, our work and your voices convinced the Caltrain Joint Powers Board to increase future bike capacity with train electrification (due for 2021). Caltrain has now selected a final car design for the future train sets, and the agency’s goals to increase human and bike capacity will be met with an increased number of trains per hour. Read on for our take about the decisions and the process.