Bicycle and pedestrian bridge over Highway 101

Hillsdale Boulevard in San Mateo

Insert Bridge Here!

Insert bridge here!

SVBC is working with the City of San Mateo to ensure a great new bike and pedestrian bridge adjacent to Hillsdale Boulevard over Highway 101. The Highway is a major barrier to east-west connectivity and the existing Hillsdale Boulevard overcrossing is the only one in the area; the next closest are 2 miles to the north or 2.5 miles to the south. The bridge would provide a Class I overcrossing for people who want to bike and walk away from vehicle traffic, yet will still connect to existing bike facilities.

Recent News

Let’s Make El Camino Real Safer for Everyone

SVBC has been working with cities, the Grand Boulevard Initiative, and Caltrans since 2014 to create safer places for people to bike on El Camino Real. But no change has been implemented yet. Now is the time to push our cities and Caltrans to make changes to this key corridor to prevent these types of tragedies from happening again. Let’s make a safer El Camino Real for everyone. Please sign the petition to encourage cities and Caltrans to put in protected bike lanes, more opportunities to safely cross the street, traffic calming, and other improvements that will slow drivers and protect people walking and biking.

Sneak Peek: Silicon Valley Bike Summit Program, August 1

This year’s Silicon Valley Bike Summit will be a treat for new and returning guests. Hosted by City of Mountain at the city’s newly remodeled Community Center and presented by Jump Electric Bike Share, we are so pleased to bring you the 9th Annual Silicon Valley Bike...

Mountain View City Council to Vote on El Camino Real Bike Lanes Tomorrow

There is a very important meeting happening tomorrow June 18 in Mountain View City Hall Council Chambers 500 Castro St, Mountain View at 7 PM and we need your help! The city council is voting on the future for safe walking and biking on El Camino Real when it votes on...

RIDESJ – Green Spaces Ride Recap

Click here to see more pictures from the ride The 5th ride (Saturday, June 8) in the RIDESJ series was about our environment and community groups who work really hard towards keeping it GREEN. The ride wouldn’t have been possible without their support and enthusiasm...

Final Bike Car Design Chosen for Caltrain Electrification

On June 6, the Caltrain Board unanimously approved the staff recommendation for two bike cars with seven seats and 36 bike spaces per bike car, which was in opposition of SVBC’s position. There was however energy among Board and staff toward better on-board security and building out bike parking and corridor-wide bike share before electrification in 2022.

Increasing Equity Via Measure B project ranking

When taxpayers approved Measure B in 2016, $250 Million in future spending was dedicated to creating better program and infrastructure for bicycling and walking. Cities and Santa Clara County will actually build the projects. VTA is responsible for defining the rules...

Your voice matters. Is it part of the bike movement?

Picture a crowd of bike advocates at a city council meeting. Recreational enthusiasts, parents who bike their kids to school, lifelong commuters, and those who are just starting on their bike journey are all gathered in one place to advocate for better biking. What’s...

Come to Bike Summit!

What’s Bike Summit, you ask? Let us tell you! On August 1, we’re holding the 9th Annual Silicon Valley Bike Summit, the region’s largest gathering of active transportation leaders and organizers from government, the private sector, non-profits, and the general public....

Viva CalleSJ May 2019 Recap

If it’s raining and pouring, what else is there to do but hop on a bike and ride? That was the mindset of the thousands of participants in this May’s Viva CalleSJ. While rain poured and thunder clapped, participants could still be found out and about enjoying the open...

Campbell BPAC June 2019 Update

Editor’s note: Thanks to BPAC Chair Carmen Lynaugh for her dispatches from the front lines of Campbell bicycle and pedestrian policymaking! Want to learn more about your city’s Bike and Pedestrian Advisory Committee? Click here. May 2019 Update from the City of...

June 6 Decision on Future Caltrain Bike Cars

Caltrain’s new electrified fleet will be rolling out for service in 2022. SVBC has been working with Caltrain on the design of their new train cars for years to ensure that the design continues to be as bike friendly as possible. Unfortunately, the staff recommendation for two bike cars on seven car trains raises serious concerns around bike security onboard.

Event Coordinator

Do you love overseeing all the fine details of a big event? What about three or four of them a year? If yes, you might be the perfect candidate for SVBC’s Event Coordinator! Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition (SVBC) is a non-profit membership-based organization that...