Bicycle Friendly Workplace
SVBC is launching our Bicycle Friendly Workplace (BFW) program in order to establish and certify standards that make the workplace a welcoming environment for those who prefer pedal power, and to encourage more employers to become “bicycle friendly.”

For a reasonable fee, SVBC works with businesses to evaluate whether they qualify as a Bicycle Friendly Workplace. Factors reviewed include:

  • Availability of safe, secure bicycle storage
  • Showers, changing rooms, and/or lockers for bicyclist use
  • On-site bicycle maintenance materials and facilities
  • Non-taxable bicycle commuting per diem
  • Company sponsorship of community bicycling events, advocacy, or organizations
  • Executive-level support of bicycling in the corporate culture
Benefits to the Commuter

The benefits of working in a Bicycle Friendly Workplace are apparent in money saved and better health. Bicycle commuters save money on gas and parking fees. Those employed by BFWs may also receive bicycle purchase subsidies or a bicycle commuting per diem. The health benefits of a regular bicycling schedule are obvious, and the reduced stress that results from avoiding freeway traffic is an added benefit. Even the time spent commuting by bike is often comparable to the time spent in a car, and employees arrive refreshed and ready, instead of in a traffic-induced haze.

Benefits to the Employer

Designation as a Bicycle Friendly Workplace provides a number of benefits. Many companies are looking to advance their Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals, and BFW status is a great step in that direction. BFW certification also highlights commitment to environmental stewardship. Additionally, BFWs attract skilled employees who seriously consider bicycle commuting options when entertaining job prospects, and provide existing employees with a way to boost both health and happiness. See our FAQ for more information.

Why SVBC and why this program?

As a third-party organization that is firmly committed to bicycle transportation and safety advocacy, SVBC is the ideal institution to formulate qualifying criteria, assist businesses with compliance, and perform inspection and awarding of certification. The Coalition has been encouraging the use of bicycling in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties for over 30 years, and considers the BFW program a crucial step in providing wider bicycle access to the valley. Through the institution of standard qualifications, SVBC can help companies advance their Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals, highlight their commitment to ecological stewardship, and attract a growing number of skilled employees who prefer bicycle commuting. The establishment of bicycle-friendly standards not only serves to address the rider’s practical needs, but also helps to cement bicycling in the corporate culture of our local businesses and further encourage the notion that we can achieve better living through bicycling. When more businesses become bike friendly, more workers will ditch their cars and hit the road on two wheels. Traffic is eased, pollution is reduced, and workers become healthier.

This program is truly innovative. SVBC is paving the way for a future in which bicycle commuting is commonplace, accepted, and encouraged. Companies will need to work hard to achieve BFW status, but they will be rewarded with a healthier, happier workforce.

Do you work for a company that you think has what it takes?

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