Diridon Station

San Jose Diridon Station Area Plan

The City of San Jose’s Diridon Transit Station has the potential to become a world-class hub of activity and ideas, one that celebrates San Jose’s diverse population, stimulates the local economy, and promotes environmental sustainability.

With input from engaged citizens early on in the planning process, Diridon can evolve into a nucleus of green mobility, with active and passive public spaces, that attracts a young, diverse and innovative workforce.

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Other current and recent advocacy initiatives

Safe Routes to Facebook

Facebook has ambitious goals for getting its employees to work without driving alone. When fully completed in 2018, Facebook expects that about 50% of its projected 9,400 employees will take shuttles, use transit, bicycle, or walk to Facebook’s new Menlo Park Campus. This is a significant increase – about 40% of Facebook employees used these alternative modes of transportation to get to work at Facebook’s former location in Palo Alto. Keep up with Facebook’s progress in providing safe bicycle and pedestrian access by clicking here.

Centerline Rumble Strips

Rumble strips are commonly used on shoulders of roads, but since 1994 there has been a limited use of rumble strips on the centerline of highways. An analysis of these CLRS, done by an insurance industry group, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in September 2003, (see study) determined that these CLRS reduced crashes and concluded, “consideration should be given to installing centerline rumble strips more widely on rural two-lane roads to reduce the risk of frontal and opposing direction sideswipe crashes.”

SVBC is gathering information on how this issue affects cyclists. If you have ridden on a road with CLRS please fill out the survey at

Proposed Encroachment Permit Would Impact Bike Rides

The Santa Clara County Roads Departments has proposed an ordinance that would require an encroachment permit for “special events”, and declares “An organized procession of 50 or more bicycles shall be considered a Special Event unless the procession will be conducted in accordance with all requirements of the California Vehicle Code Division 11, Chapter 1, Article 4.”

This ordinance is unnecessary and unfair. Existing ordinances, plus routine enforcement of the Vehicle Code, should be adequate to maintain public safety, and ensure that roads are available to all. The great burden that this law will place on event organizers may result in cancellation of charity rides, with the ultimate losers being the sponsoring charities. It could also be applied to club rides and team training rides, and the penalties from failure to obtain a permit could wipe them out.

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SVBC Response to the Draft Caltrain Bicycle Access and Parking Plan

The Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition (SVBC) appreciates that in the field of public transportation, Caltrain has historically served as a leader in accommodating bicyclists. In the spirit of encouraging Caltrain to continue to occupy that leadership position, we provide the following comments on the Draft Caltrain Bicycle Access and Parking Plan (hereafter called the “Bike Plan”).

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Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition Position on Caltrain Bicycle Master Plan [DRAFT 3]

We are trying to meet the needs of cyclists as they ride the train. Bikes on board is one solution, but not the only solution. We would like to encourage every passenger to ride a bike to/from the station. We want something that works. Following is the draft of SVBC’s position on the Caltrain Bicycle Master Plan. Please feel free to leave comments sharing your thoughts on this position. These comments will be reviewed by the Board of Directors, who may edit our position before submitting the final copy to Caltrain officials.

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