Adult bike education

Knowing how to ride a bicycle is great, but do you know how to drive your bike safely? Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition teaches adults safe cycling techniques that will allow them to drive their bikes with more confidence for transportation, recreation and fun. We often partner with local organizations and city agencies to offer a diverse set of classes for cyclists of all levels.

Free Family Biking Workshops

Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition is dedicated to educating and promoting safe bicycling throughout San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties. Currently, we are proud to offer free educational workshops to schools, businesses, and other community organizations that are looking to encourage their students, employees, and community members to ride their bike for recreation, transportation, and fun. These free workshops incorporate information about rules of the road, bike handling skills, ride planning, and even free bike repair.

To request a free workshop for your school, company, or community organization, please complete the Family Biking Workshop Request Form.

Please make sure you are bicycling safely and driving you car safely around bicyclists. Check out our illustrated safety tips for both cyclists and motorists.