Bicycle and pedestrian bridge over Highway 101

Hillsdale Boulevard in San Mateo

Insert Bridge Here!

Insert bridge here!

SVBC is working with the City of San Mateo to ensure a great new bike and pedestrian bridge adjacent to Hillsdale Boulevard over Highway 101. The Highway is a major barrier to east-west connectivity and the existing Hillsdale Boulevard overcrossing is the only one in the area; the next closest are 2 miles to the north or 2.5 miles to the south. The bridge would provide a Class I overcrossing for people who want to bike and walk away from vehicle traffic, yet will still connect to existing bike facilities.

Recent News

Feeling Alive: Bicycling in Death Valley

During the Gold Rush, a group of pioneers suffered the death of one of their own and had to sacrifice an ox while traveling through a huge California valley. Upon cresting a mountain range on their way out, one of them turned and bid farewell, shouting “Goodbye, Death...

Infrastructure Budget Battle Looms in City of Palo Alto

On Tuesday, March 20, City of Palo Alto’s Finance Committee will consider options for reigning in its $56 million deficit to fund infrastructure projects, with proposals ranging from a potential ballot measure to even eliminating certain projects that have been in the...

Quick actions to protect Dumbarton transit/bike/ped funds in East Bay

A proposal from Union City is moving forward to raid the major Dumbarton Corridor transit project to build a highway instead, repurposing Alameda County Dumbarton Corridor funds (for rail, an intermodal station, and bike/ped infrastructure) to the East West Highway Connector project. Read on for how to take action now.

Don’t Let The Recent Rain ‘Drive’ You To Your Car!

The recent rains are bringing back memories of being a kid, and gleefully riding my bike through puddles. Legs up, hair flying, wet, dirty, and oh, so happy! However, as an adult, the rain can present a real obstacle and provide a great excuse to get in the car -...

Submit a Session Proposal for the 8th Annual Silicon Valley Bike Summit

We are soliciting proposals for session and speaker ideas for the 8th Annual Silicon Valley Bicycle Summit. The Bike Summit is a weekday, one-day conference intended to educate the community on key issues related to bicycling in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties as well as bring together people working in this field. Proposals are due March 31, 2018.

Better Bikeways: Shaping a Better and Safer Downtown

Better Bikeways, a network of protected bike lanes and calm bike boulevards in and around central San Jose is now taking shape! The development of Better Bikeways began two years ago and you get caught up here and here. We are excited to be teaming up with the City of...

Addressing Bike Share Equity in the Bay Area

Are you all caught up with the Bike Share Battle? Great! Now we’ll talk about one of the main players, Ford GoBike through its bike share equity lens with a program called Bike Share for All. A quick overview -  San Francisco Bay Area’s regional bike share network...

Volunteer Spotlight: Eric Snider

Do you love bikes and want to help the bicycle community grow? Get involved today! Please consider becoming a member and volunteering with us. This week we spotlight SVBC volunteer Eric Snider! Read on to hear his story of how he got involved in the bicycling...