The Silicon Valley Bike Summit 2019 is scheduled for August 1 at the Mountain View Community Center, hosted by City of Mountain View and presented by Jump. Register now to get an early bird discount and stay tuned for further information.

For the fourth year in a row, SVBC will be presenting awards at the Bike Summit. The awards are not only a way to encourage people to do cool things related to biking, but also to publicize the dedication, time, and energy they are putting in to make things happen! It is now time to submit nominations for the 2019 awards.

Nominate your favorite person, project, program! Nominations will close June 10, 2019. We will then open up voting for the month of June based on the nominations that we’ve received.

Award categories

  • Person of the Year – A person who has strived hard to advocate for biking, whose efforts go above and beyond to ensure safe and comfortable bicycling. The person may be a volunteer; elected official; or city, county, or other agency staff. 
  • Project of the Year – A project which promotes biking and makes biking safer. It may be a bike lane (buffered, green, or protected), bike bridge, bike boulevard, bike box, bike parking, bike trail, etc.
  • Program of the Year – A program that has effectively increased the number of people biking. It may be an education or encouragement program, a multi-mobility plan or even or even a bike plan.

Check out the previous year’s award winners here –

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