This guest post is written by Ron Mandel, who is leading a ride on Bike to Work Day.

I’m a bay area native and I’ve been a bike commuter on and off here in the valley since 1994. I enjoy riding my bike to work because it often takes me less time, and it is definitely less stressful. Not only do I get to avoid sitting in traffic at on and off ramps, but I get some exercise and an opportunity to clear my head, arriving at the office calm and ready to start the day. In the evening, the ride home gives me a chance to process the day, burn off excess work stress and decompress. One day a week I work out of our San Francisco office and ride my bike to Caltrain, as that is way more efficient (and cost effective) than driving and parking.  I ride with a normal size backpack containing a change of clothes, and am fortunate enough to be able to shower at the office when I arrive. I do own a car, and drive kids to school a couple of days a week as part of a neighborhood carpool, but often find myself significantly more grumpy when I drive vs. when I ride.