It’s that time of year again folks! Turkeys will be in the oven, families will be mashing potatoes, and our members will be crowding bike shops to get deals on wheels and gifts for loved ones… loved ones like Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition.

Aww shucks, you don’t have to get us anything. What, you insist? Well, this year we’re asking for…

Donations on Giving Tuesday! November 27th is a day when folks around the world give to the organizations doing important work in their communities. Here’s how you can participate:

  1. Plan to donate on Tuesday, the 27th (don’t worry, we’ll send a reminder).
  2. Remind friends and family to donate by posting or tweeting this image and link.
  3. Once you donate, let everyone know by posting/tweeting again.

Your gifts will sustain our work in schools, on the roads, at city council meetings, and in city halls. Your contributions help us do important work like improving Page Mill/280, distributing helmets to folks in need, and educating over 5,500 students each year on how to walk and bike safely.

Plus, this year, all Giving Tuesday donors will automatically be entered into our end of year drawing for a VIP day at a San Jose Earthquakes game. Details include: 4 Club tickets, VIP parking, and a team-signed jersey. Tickets (subject to availability) can be redeemed for any game during the 2019 season. Go Quakes!

So, become a bike champion by setting up regular monthly donations. Kickstart a friend’s journey into bicycle commuting by buying them their very own SVBC membership. Dedicate yourself for life by becoming a lifetime member. And don’t forget to double your impact by signing up for employer matching through your workplace. Your donations will allow us to keep fighting for safer streets and bicycling for all.

Thank you!