On October 18, the State of California Court of Appeal issued a decision to uphold the validity of VTA’s 2016 Measure B saying that the measure is enforceable as written. Congrats to the County and to all the residents who will benefit from this measure.

SVBC helped Santa Clara County pass Measure B almost two years ago. Measure B is a half-cent sales tax for transportation improvements throughout the county.  A lawsuit was filed by one resident which has held up the implementation of the funding measure. Since then, funds collected from the measure more than $274 million!) were held in a special account that could not be accessed by the county.

Unless there is an additional appeal by the individual with the lawsuit, Santa Clara County and transportation stakeholders like yourselves can start working with the money that was passed by voters two years ago. This will allow bike projects to be built, education programs to begin, and many other transportation needs met.

For more details, please visit:  http://www.vta.org/News-and-Media/Connect-with-VTA/Court-of-Appeal-Upholds-Validity-of-VTAs-2016-Measure-B#.W8koB3tKiUk