This blog post and factsheet was researched and written by our advocacy intern Clay Volino.

Seemingly since Henry Ford rolled his first car off the assembly line, many businesses have asked for expanded roads and more car parking spaces to get customers to their stores. However, with the increased popularity of bicycling, many local businesses have begun to support improved bicycle infrastructure as well. Shop and restaurant owners praise bicycle facilities once installed, after they notice sale increases as high as forty-nine percent! Employees enjoy fun team bike competitions and bonuses for riding to work. Everyone benefits from safer streets and a better environment.

SVBC supports business efforts to encourage employees and customers to bike and we have updated our fact sheet describing the benefits of better bicycle infrastructure and programs and how to improve bicycling. It offers a summary of exciting opportunities to request free bike rack installation, participate in bicycle-related community events, achieve bicycle-friendly workplace certification, and more.

Whether you’re a business owner or manager hoping to boost sales, a customer or employee wishing you could more easily access businesses on two wheels, or just someone curious about more ways to encourage bicycling, try checking out our newly updated Bikes Mean Business Factsheet.