Hi everyone! Jessica here. I’m starting to think our e-Bulletin’s name is a little, well, outdated, and I’m looking for new suggestions. To get everyone’s gears turning, I’ll start with a question:

Do you remember the Spinning Crank?

Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition used to send out a physical newsletter every other month called “Spinning Crank.” It featured opinion pieces, letter writing campaigns, updates, and a list of all the upcoming club rides. As the world transitioned to the digital age, so did SVBC, and in 2008 our newsletter was ditched in favor of a paperless e-Bulletin, blog posts, an online calendar, and email blasts to elected officials.

As the Membership and Outreach Coordinator, I was curious about what our communications looked like in a pre-internet era and dug up a newsletter from 40 year ago. The photos of it are available in this blog post and have also been uploaded to a Facebook album.

Of note, bicycle activists were advocating for the right to ride on freeway shoulders (front page), environmentalists were fighting to require a deposit on beverage containers (page 4), and one of our activists expressed dismay that only one bicyclist showed up to a Sunnyvale City Council meeting to speak in favor of bike lanes (page 5).

To be honest, almost every article in the old newsletter was mesmerizing, but rather than recap it all, I encourage you to flip through this digital copy of the May-June 1978 issue of Spinning Crank and see what’s changed in the last 40 years—and what hasn’t. Happy reading and happy riding!

And if you have any suggestions for a new e-Bulletin name, I’m all ears. Reach me at jessica@bikesiliconvalley.org.