What does BCOY stand for?

Every year we ask you, dear readers, to nominate a Bicycle Commuter of the Year. We ask you to tell us who amongst the folks you know is worthy of being named the year’s BCOY.

This year you responded with 60+ submissions. And here’s why we’re writing this blog. They are all excellent. We at SVBC cull through all the nominations, discuss them and pick a winner, looking for those who ride AND work to get others riding.

It’s a hard task because there are so many great bike commuters to choose from:

  • The moms who drop their kids off at school before riding to work.
  • The daily 30-mile commuter who tells everyone every chance he gets “why not enjoy the beautiful weather that is bestowed upon us year ’round?”
  • The college student working at a bike shop, picking up bike commuting and then getting into racing
  • The bicyclist committed to safety who wears his safety vest everywhere and models great hand signaling
  • The commuter who refuses to take a new job at companies that aren’t stellar in their bike friendliness
  • The person who started for health reasons and now loves it

Someone even nominated our very own Policy and Advocacy Director, Emma Shlaes. We agree but it might look funny to give her the award.

Thank you for recognizing and nominating so many great bike commuters out there. We love reading your submissions and we love hearing stories about all the folks helping to better our communities through spreading a love of the bicycle.

Join us on May 10th at the Bike Away from Work Bash where we’ll unveil the BCOY winner. Details for the event are here.