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This week we spotlight SVBC volunteer Eric Snider! Read on to hear his story of how he got involved in the bicycling community.

  1. Please write us a short bio introducing yourself to readers and tell us how you got introduced to/involved with Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition.

I’m Eric Snider and I’m an iPhone/iPad game and app developer, and I love board games. You can look me up in the App Store. :) I met Shiloh through my wife, Kelly, and I like bikes and computery things. So when SVBC needed a little help with some technical things I rode my bike over and pitched in.

  1. If you could spend an afternoon bike ride with anyone dead or alive – who would it be and why?

There are all kinds of people from history who would probably make a fantastic answer and I would seem so smart to name them. But the first person that comes to mind for me is my friend Erick Wujcik. He died of pancreatic cancer 10 years ago and I really miss him. He was smart and funny and was a role-playing and video game designer and I looked up to him a lot.

  1. Among your friends and people you know who don’t ride a bike, what do you think would help encourage them to get out there?

I think most people that I know already understand a lot of the benefits of bike riding. What would help the most would be safer places to ride so they could easily get where they want to go safely on a bike.

  1. What do you think needs to be done to achieve 10% of trips taken by bike by 2025 in Silicon Valley?

Build high-density housing so people can live near where they work. Safer bicycle routes. Increase taxes on gasoline a LOT. Pay people to ride a bike instead of drive.

  1. What kind of activities and trips do you use your bicycle for?

Things that are nearby and easy to ride to, like… going to the Ritz to see a band (or the Punk Rock Flea Market), going on a date with my wife, going to Temple Emanu El, and Viva Calle

  1. What would you say to someone considering becoming a member of SVBC? And why do you support SVBC?

SVBC is making it easier for people to ride bikes safely. Join SVBC because it will help them to do more. Plus sometimes they’ll share their cookies with you if you’re a member. :)