Better Bikeways, a network of protected bike lanes and calm bike boulevards in and around central San Jose is now taking shape! The development of Better Bikeways began two years ago and you get caught up here and here. We are excited to be teaming up with the City of San José Department of Transportation to support public outreach for Better Bikeways. With support from Knight Foundation, SVBC’s role in this project is primarily focused on community engagement and ensuring community members, local businesses, and residents are well-informed about the project. Through public meetings, outreach to residents and businesses within 200’ from the project corridor, and 15-minute presentations to community organizations and neighborhood associations, SVBC is working with SJ DOT to coordinate these efforts.

Would you like to get involved? Here are some ways you can help:

  1. Attend an upcoming public meeting (see dates below). 
  2. Take this SJ DOT survey to help us better understand which values are important to you.
  3. Volunteer for bicycle counts in April with DOT
  4. Sign up to join our Better Bikeways mailing list to stay updated.
  5. Help spread the word via Facebook event.
  6. Thank you for helping to make this project a success!

Public Meetings

  1. Thursday, March 8th from 6:30 -8:o0pm

Tonight’s meeting will discuss changes to 3rd and 4th streets, this project will flip the parking and bike lanes to calm traffic, improve safety, and make walking and biking easier. On San Salvador Street, a variety of safety improvements will create a calm street for walking and biking.

Where: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library, 150 E. San Fernando Street, Room 255

  1. Tuesday, March 13th from 6:30 – 8:30pm

Meet with City of San José Department of Transportation to learn more about the Better Bikeways network and share your ideas. Where Santa Clara Street crosses over Highway 101, bike lanes and pedestrian safety improvements will be added. Ideas to improve safety on San Antonio Street as part of a 2019 project will also be discussed.

Where: Cristo Rey San Jose Jesuit High School 1389 E. Santa Clara Street

To learn more, visit: For questions, email or call (408) 795-1610.