It’s the last day of the year, which means it is the last chance to get your contributions in to your favorite bicycling advocacy organization in 2017. We appreciate the flood of support we have received over the last couple of months, so if you have already contributed, WE THANK YOU!

We have been sharing perspectives from some of our outstanding members over the last two months – Elaine Uang, Ed Morimoto, and Andrew Hsu. They all choose to support SVBC for their own personal reasons. Read their bikestory below and consider a donation to SVBC today.

From Elaine Uang…
For good biking infrastructure to materialize, cities need visionary leaders and a lot of everyday citizens who care about cycling as transportation and want to bike safely everywhere. And it takes an organization like SVBC to keep track of local developments, know when action is needed, and mobilize those citizens. Join me in supporting SVBC today so that our area can achieve its bicycling potential and close calls can become a thing of the past.

From Ed Morimoto…
Fighting the hegemony of the motor vehicle in a place that loves its motor vehicles is a massive uphill battle. It will take a smart, focused, and dedicated organization like the Bike Coalition, one that will persevere through the ups and downs, to achieve significant, lasting improvements in cycling safety and increased ridership. Please join me in supporting them today.

From Andrew Hsu…
SVBC asked me to write this letter and I gladly agreed. I believe in the work they do every day to make it so that one day, I won’t have to worry about the safety of my kids (or grandkids) when they say they are riding their bikes somewhere. One day, this Silicon Valley community will feel as welcoming to those riding on two-wheeled vehicles as it does for those riding inside two-ton vehicles. Please consider making a contribution today – your ride will be better for it!

We cannot thank our members enough for the years of support. With you, we will continue to pursue our mission – to create a healthy community, environment, and economy through bicycling for people who live, work, or play in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties.

We wish you a happy new year and safe riding!


Shiloh Ballard
Executive Director