Sedgwick Elementary students love their school – especially when there are bikes and ice cream on campus! On September 27, they participated the Bike Rodeo & Ice Cream Social, which took place on Sedgwick’s campus in Cupertino.

Parents came in quite handy, as kids handed off their half-finished ice cream cups to Mom and Dad while they took part in the various bike activities. It was non-stop action at the smoothie bike blender, the stationary speed bike, and the bike skills course. With about 90 kids at the event, it was great to have two parent volunteers as well as two volunteers from Lynbrook High.

The afternoon started off with a brief talk on bicycle safety and proper helmet fit, presented by SVBC’s bike education staff. Everyone who brought bikes and helmets got to try out their biking skills on a playground course that included stop signs, intersections, and two-way streets. Anyone watching the course could see that these kids meant business – they went ‘round and ‘round until they mastered traffic awareness, hand signals, and the occasional traffic backup (inevitable, with dozens of bikes on the course!).

Several students took breaks from the course to indulge in a pedal-powered smoothie, or try to score a faster MPH than their friends on the stationary speed bike. Which made them thirsty, so they’d go back for seconds on the bike blender. Which gave them more energy to try the speed bike again. You see where this is going …

Many thanks to the City of Cupertino for partnering with SVBC on this event! It was our second year at Sedgwick Elementary, and we hope to return again very soon!