Back in April the League of American Bicyclists (LAB) visited a number of Silicon Valley cities – including San José, Mountain View and Palo Alto – to evaluate their Bicycle Friendly Community status. SVBC rode along with the visitors to tour some of the great bicycle facilities that each city offers.

One of the most impressive sights was during the morning school hour in Palo Alto: hordes of kids on bikes were arriving at elementary, middle and high schools and were welcomed with hundreds of secure bike racks. It warmed our hearts and LAB’s as well: they featured Palo Alto’s bike to school efforts in a recent article on top win-over projects, those that win people over to the idea of riding a bike. With a 70% bike to school rate at some of Palo Alto’s schools, their effort can’t help but make people take notice and encourage more people to choose a bike as transportation. This is a big part of why we run our Safe Routes to School program: to educate and encourage bicycling for kids so that they feel safe and comfortable on the road.

Congrats to Palo Alto and keep up the good work!